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With training the respiratory system I will expect to see an increase in both of these factors. These increases are down to the lungs as they will be able to expand further, meaning more air will be able to be forcibly exhaled from the lungs and, more oxygen will be able to be taken in and carbon dioxide removed each minute. Changes to SV, CO, Resting heart rate, Recovery rate and Blood Composition in the Cardiovascular system. SV = Stroke Volume, the volume of blood pumped out of the heart by each ventricle during one contraction.

Due to exercise this should increase as your heart will be stronger, therefore it will be able to pump a larger volume of blood around the body. CO = Cardiac Output, the amount of blood pumped from the heart in one minute. This can be worked out by multiplying your stroke volume with your heart rate. This should also increase with exercise, by the same reasons as your stroke volume increases, as your heart is stronger. Resting heart rate = Your resting heart rate is the amount of beats per minute produced by your heart when you are in a rested state.

This should decrease if I keep to my personal exercise plan. This will occur because more blood will be able to reach your heart each beat as the heart is stronger. Recovery rate = Your recovery rate is the amount of time it takes you to fully recover after exercise. The fitter you are the shorter your recovery rate is. By completing my PEP I will improve my fitness therefore my recovery rate should shorten. Blood Composition = Blood composition is basically what your blood is made up of, for example red blood cells contain haemoglobin to carry oxygen.

The change which I would expect to see in blood composition due to exercise is that the blood will become thinner reducing the risk of the blood clotting and causing health problems. SPORT Principles of training S= Specificity Specificity is when you concentrate on improving on one specific body part, biceps for example. To do this you must do specific exercises aimed at improving the body-part. For example if you are aiming to improve your biceps you could try press-ups to improve your upper arm strength. P= Progression Progression is when you gradually increase the amount or intensity of your exercise.

This will improve your muscles as you are increasing the amount of work they do. An example of progression is starting week 1 with a 2 mile run once a week then progressing to a 3 mile run in week 2. O= Overload Overload is when fitness can only be improved through training more than you regularly do. An example of this is when muscular endurance is being improved, instead of going for a 3 mile run twice a week you would increase the frequency to do it every other day. R= Reversibility Reversibility is a consequence that occurs when you stop training.

As your muscles are not being worked they will begin to weaken and any improvements made from training will be reversed. For example if a sportsman becomes injured and is unable to train they will lose their adaptations. T= Tedium Tedium is when you become bored with your training, this can be because your training plan does not have much variety and is repetitive. In order to avoid tedium you should include a variety of exercises aimed at improving each factor of your fitness. I will use all the principles of SPORT in my personal exercise plan.

I will specify the main factors of fitness that I am aiming to improve, therefore a high percentage of the exercises in my PEP will improve my muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance as I think these are the two factors which need the most work on. I will specifically use plyometric training to improve my muscular power as it is specially designed for improving that area of fitness. For the first two weeks of my training routine the exercises will not require me to push myself to the limit. As I progress through the exercise plan, the exercises will gradually need more effort to succeed.

This is an example of progression as I will be increasing the frequency and intensity of the exercises as I progress through my PEP. Overload will also come into the plan as I may have to double the workload for some areas of fitness. This could include doubling the amount of 5 mile runs each week for example. To avoid tedium coming into my plan I will incorporate a wide variety of exercises so that I do not become bored. I am planning to use cycling, jogging and swimming as three different exercises aimed at improving my cardiovascular endurance.

I will apply frequency into my programme by doing my exercises on a regular basis; I will start with 2 sessions a week and then gradually increase the number of sessions over the 6-week period as my fitness improves. Intensity- …

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