Personal Exercise Plan

My name is James West. I am currently studying G. C. S. E P. E at Queensbury Upper School. I have been interested in sports since I started middle school and have been playing rugby since year 6. I joined Dunstablians Rugby club in year 9 and have playing there since. Although rugby is my main sport I enjoy playing many others such as football, tennis, basketball etc. My skill varies (dramatically in some cases) from sport to sport but is generally average. I also enjoy taking part in athletics, mainly relay, 200 metres and long jump.

I usually do a set amount of repetitions of 10K weights and when I can I do press ups and sit ups. Types of Training For my P. E. P I need to concentrate on two types of training. The choice’s I have are: Circuit Training Continuous Training Resistance Training Exercise to Music Circuit Training is where different stations are used to exercise different muscle groups. The stations are usually only worked on for a short time (20/30 seconds) and are set out so that you are never using the same muscle group too many times in close succession. A circuit can be organised to have your own personal stations.

The stations can consist of anything that will test your fitness, skill etc; these can be press ups, sit ups, seeing how far you can through a weighted ball, seeing how high you can jump etc. Continuous Training is where an activity is done over an extended period of time without taking any rests. It helps improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance. This can be done through running long distances, cycling etc. Some exercises a best suited for cardiovascular endurance (like the ones stated above) where as others are better for muscular endurance such as many repetitions of light weights.

Resistance Training is where weights are used to improve muscular endurance or strength. To improve endurance you use light weights but do many repetitions. To improve strength you use heavier weights but do fewer repetitions. To fully improve either you must keep increasing the number of repetitions. Exercise to Music is where you exercise to the beat of the music through aerobics etc. The two types of training I am going to pick are continuous and resistance Principles of Training When training there are 5 principles which need to be taken into consideration. These principles are applicable to any kind of training. They are:

Specificity Progression Overload Reversibility Tedium Specificity: Every exercise has a specific effect on your body for example a bicep curl with a heavy weight will strengthen your arm muscles. One wit a light weight will improve endurance. It is up to the person training to decide what they want to improve on and then find an appropriate exercise to do so. If they are looking to improve their arm strength it is no good doing sit ups as this will not have the required effect where as lifting weights would. The exercise needs to be specific to the desired effect. Progression: Your body takes time to adapt to increased demands on it.

So you should build up your exercise level gradually or progressively. Otherwise you risk torn muscles and other injuries. This principle is important to avoid injury. It will also help increase you fitness level. If you do not progress in your training you will only get to a certain level of fitness and will not be able to improve to the next level. Overload: To improve the fitness of a part of the body you need to overload it. That means you need to make it work harder than usual. Overtime it adapts to meet the increased demand by getting fitter. This can be broken down into three sections: Frequency

Intensity Time Frequency is where you do training on a regular basis. Intensity is where you push yourself harder each time you train. Time is where you work for longer each time you train All these together will ultimately improve your fitness but with this you have to consider overtraining. Overtraining can lead to injury or illness. It can cause soreness, joint pains, loss of appetite and feelings of anxiety and fatigue. You catch colds and other viruses easier. These are signs that you should cut down or take a break from your training program. Reversibility: Improvements in fitness are reversible.

Exercise and your body gets fitter. Stop exercising and it loses its fitness again. It takes only three or four weeks to get out of condition. You lose endurance, strength, flexibility and speed. You rapidly deteriorate and will have to start training at a lower level than before to avoid injury. Tedium: In a training program variety is essential. If you lose interest in what you are doing you will gradually start to perform less. This can be avoided by mixing the activities you do. Instead of doing long distance running all the time you could go swimming. Instead of lifting weights you could do press ups.

In my P. E. P I am going to take into account all of these principles of training. I will ensure that the activities I am going are specific to the areas of my body I want to build on. I will make sure that I increase the intensity and time of my chosen activities and keep doing them on a regular basis but keep to a gradual increase and not go from one extreme to the other. Doing this will prevent reversibility from coming in to play. As for tedium I will try to eliminate this purely by increasing the intensity of what I am doing and seeing if I can rise to the challenge, this will keep my interest in the activity.

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