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Latest articles
Review Of The viral disease Of Pediatric importance (Rubella

This paper gives a review of the rubella virus, one of the most important viruses of pediatric importance. It delves into the epidemiological patterns .It also highlights the peculiarities of the clinical features using well researched available data, the fate …

Cognitive and Memory Development Stages

The cognitive development stages were constructed and formulated basing on the logical errors children make in reasoning (table 1). In the processes of formulation, children at similar stage, made similar logical errors hence facilitated the grouping and thereafter categorization of …

Memory and Cognitive development

Memory and Cognitive development has been an interesting area of study that has attracted attention of pure psychologist and education psychologists. This intense interest is I a view that our society today seek to understand human being from a behavioral …

Health Care Devices India

The Medical Devices and Equipment industry, valued at US$ 2.5 billion contributes only 6% of India’s US$ 40 billion healthcare sector. Moreover, it is growing at a faster annual rate of 15% than 10-12% growth seen in the health care …

Charcoal as an Alternative Medicine

Specific Speech Purpose: To convince my audience that charcoal has an effective therapeutic factor that can help them to meet certain instances and situation and convince them that it can cure diseases even the major ones. Statement: “Activated charcoal is …

Alcohol and Substance

Alcohol abuse among Alaskan community is a big problem and it is among the leading caused of death in this region in fact as mentioned above, it fourth in the leading causes of deaths in that most of death cases …

Health and Social Services

One of the alcoholic products that have greatly affected the Alaskan natives is a drink known as binge and it has mostly affected the Minto community. Many of the residents of this village, about 90 percent are unemployed and therefore …

Alaskan Natives and Alcohol Abuse

Substance abuse in Alaska dates back to the colonial times when it came to be occupied by foreigners. Alcohol was first introduced in the land by Russians and cemented by others who came later. These people imposed their foreign cultures …

Medical community

The Likert-type pain scale was used in order to monitor pain pre and post intervention. The scale ranges from zero being pain not noticeable to ten being the worst pain one has ever felt. The status of mind information was …

Stress Levels and Health

The effects of a mindfulness based stress reduction program on stress, mindfulness self efficacy, and positive states of mind, an article written by Vickie Y. Chang in 2004, details a study conducted on the effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) …

Adoption of Innovations

Information technology or IT has been an ongoing trend in public or private institutions or organizations since its establishment as a means of knowledge management in order to add value and maintain competitive advantage within the corporate arena. However, since …

Measure of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the most common form of metabolic bone disorder and is a significant disorder in Western populations, particularly among women. The condition leads to increased bone fragility, which in turn may lead to a significant increase in the risk …

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