Personal exercise plan

During the summer Holidays I will plan and carry out a personal exercise plan (PEP)that is suited to my needs and my dedicated sport in which I participate in, which is Basket Ball. This plan will include information on the principles of training, personal information and a personal exercise plan that is to be carried out during the summer holidays. This exercise plan is primarily to improve my Muscular strength, Muscular endurance and secondly to improve my cardiovascular fitness. I want to work on these three aspects as I am poor at passing over long distances therefore need to improve my muscular strength. I am poor at keeping accurate passes up to a high standard at the end of a game therefore need to work on my muscular endurance and I want to improve my cardiovascular fitness so I can play for longer with out suffering from fatigue.

Before the summer holidays at school I took the bleep test and scored 9.3 and also, before the plan began I recorded my resting heart rate it scored at 63bpm. When I am participating in the plan my cardiac output should raise into my target zone (overleaf). Training programme Principles of training/ planning I will record all of the training sessions, even if they are only skill related considering that I am looking to improve my control and accuracy passing over a distance down the court. I am intending to fit in my four other varied PEP sessions around my non-PEP activities. I have to do this carefully taking into account the necessary principles of training. These principles are: – Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility, Individual needs, Systematic & Metabolic (SPORISM).

– Frequency, Intensity, Type & Time (FITT). If I get any of these principles wrong I could end up with a serious injury by doing too much work (Overload) or on the other end of the spectrum not progressing by not doing enough training (Reversibility). Taking FITT into account I felt four sessions is enough to benefit me fully but also not enough so that I will be physically drained and tired, therefore unfit to continue with the programme. If you are physically drained it also tends to drain you mental fitness, which is your spirit and enthusiasm, and without this it would be hard as I could, and not put in as much effort as I would, and so I therefore do not want to do too much.

I can judge the right amount from using the principles training, for after every session however hard or it easy it was there will be fatigue followed by a recovery period and this is why I want to fully take advantage of this time before I start my next session, however, leaving this period to long could have negative effects on the body as Reversibility would kick in and my fitness levels would drop. So from this I have decided to try to have a day of recovery and also mix the sessions. When planning and following a programme if it is followed properly improvements should occur, and this will be shown in improved fitness levels and from this you should need to progress and there are three ways to do this: 1./ Train more frequently, and this way even though everything else stays the same, you will find it more difficult as your body has to adapt to an increase of exercise.

2./ Train more strenuously, for example, lifting heavier weights. Originally this will shock the body and muscles; however they will improve and get stronger. 3./ Longer training periods, training for 2 hours instead of 1 hour, this pushes the body further and thus helps strengthen it. A combination of such factors will work, so gradually I will progress in the training programme. I will be hoping to progress through my course and will write it down if I do so.

Training Programme Monday Evening Upper Body Strength Each of the following of this session will be four sets of ten repetitions with a one-minute recovery time. I will record my pulse after each complete exercise and will have a two-minute recovery change over time from each exercise. This is working more on muscle endurance as it is a lot of repetitions of a smaller weight where as muscle strength is few repetitions of a heavier weight. However, with muscle endurance comes muscle strength and I feel it will benefit me more in the long-run, to begin doing a lot of the smaller weights so I can work from their, and establish a body build.

I will be using free weights in the form of a bar. Most people find free-weights more difficult however; since I will be using them at home I am sure I will feel comfortable and relaxed, instead of having the stress rushing to get through all of the desired exercises on the weight machines at school. I will be performing isotonic contractions and so my muscles will be working over a range of movements.

I will apply frequency into my programme by doing my exercises on a regular basis; I will start with 2 sessions a week and then gradually increase the number of sessions over the 6-week period as my fitness improves. Intensity- …

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