My personal exercise plan

I will apply frequency into my programme by doing my exercises on a regular basis; I will start with 2 sessions a week and then gradually increase the number of sessions over the 6-week period as my fitness improves. Intensity- I am going to apply intensity to my training programme by making the runs that I go on harder and the weights that I use heavier, while doing this I must make sure that I work in my aerobic threshold (between 60%- 80% of MHR) other wise I will not improve my cardiovascular fitness

Time- All of my sessions should last 20 minutes at least to be of any benefit for me, but over the 6 weeks I will increase the lengths of the sessions as my fitness improves and to make me work harder. Type- To improve my cardiovascular fitness or my heart I will mainly train continuously by going on runs. I must keep my heart rate between 60% and 80% of my MHR in order to improve my cardiovascular fitness SPORT principles Specificity-

I will be doing specific exercises that will improve my cardiovascular fitness, I will be going on runs through out the 6 weeks because this will best improve my cardiovascular fitness, in addition to going on runs I will also be training in the gym with weights to improve my core stability and strengthen leg muscles so that I reduce the risk of an injury when doing my chosen sport. Progression- I am going to apply progression into my programme by gradually increasing the amount of exercise I do from 2 sessions a week to 4 sessions a week.

These sessions will also be longer at the end of the 6 weeks and more intense, by running on tougher terrain, longer distances and heavier weights in the gym. Overload- If I want to overload I need to train more than I would to in order to become fitter. When I go on my runs during the 6 week programme my aerobic system will adapt, so if I want to overload my aerobic system I need to extend the distance of my runs to make it harder. In result this will make my aerobic system adapt again and make me fitter. Reversibility-

During the 6 week programme my body will adapt to the stress of the exercises that we do. What reversibility means that if I stop my training programme then after 3- 4 weeks my body will go back to what it was like at the beginning of the programme or worse, to stop this from happening I will have to stick by and follow my programme. Tedium- 6 weeks is a long time and if I do the same exercises all the time I will run the risk of getting injured through tedium or boredom. To prevent this I will vary the courses that I go running and change the types of exercise I do in the gym.

My first 12-minute cooper test that I did right at the beginning in week 1 was a reasonably good distance of 25. 2 laps. This score fell in the test I did 3 week into the programme but only because I had a problem with my knee, so I was not able to do my best. In week 6 test score was 26. 7 which is an improvement of my score at the beginning, this score might have been a little better had I not had a knee problem in the middle of the week but never the less my programme has worked successfully. I have achieved my target of improving my cardiovascular fitness using my personal exercise plan.

At some days it was very hard to stick to the programme when the weather wasn’t nice or you just wanted to do something different, on the other hand I also enjoyed going out on runs on days where I didn’t have things planed and I new the befits it would have on me. If I was to train for another 6 weeks the things that I would adjust in my programme are that I would have a maximum of 5 session in a week and have some session where I would work really hard and then have a more relaxing session the day later. I would also make my sessions longer so I can do more work in them; apart from those things I was felt very happy with my programme.

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