Personal Exercise Plan

Explain how fit you think you are, and if you have any injuries or health problems. Outline how much physical activity you get in a typical week. State what targets you expect to achieve by the end of the 5 sessions in terms of aspects of fitness/skills you want to improve. 5 marks Name: Age: 14 Gender: Male Height: 5.11 Weight: Current participation: I do core PE only one day a week. I do a lot of football and I train every Thursday and Saturday. I play a game on Sundays. Injuries: I have no current injuries at this time but I pulled my hamstring last season in training.

General health: My physical well-being is fine and so is my mental well-being. But I need to work on my social well-being because I play on the Xbox all the time. How fit do you think you are: I think I am quite fit and I used to play football nearly every night but I brought a Xbox 360 and I play on that all of the time so I’m in the house for most of the time but I need to try to do as much as I can. These are the most important components of fitness for my sport and position… Component Why is it important to your sport/position? Cardiovascular endurance.

It’s important for footballers but particularly my position because midfielder’s need to run for long period of time. To last for the full 90 minutes requires lots of stamina to get from side of the pitch to the other and back very quickly. Agility. It’s important for defenders because they need to change direction quickly and to run up the pitch constantly using all the various muscle groups. Speed. It’s important for footballers who play up front because you can speed up to a loose or a long ball and run at defenders. Unless you are quick enough to catch attacking players size and strength alone will not make a quality defender.

Power. It’s important if you are a defender because you need jump up in the air to beat a striker for the ball . Strength. It’s important for all the players on the pitch because they need it to push off other players to get to loose ball. We cool down to get our body back to normal. A cool down also helps to repay the oxygen debt in our muscles and remove waste products such as lactic acid. Gets rid of the extra blood in our muscles, and so stops it pooling in our veins. Blood pooling can make you feel dizzy and weak if you stop exercising suddenly.

Outline any safety considerations you must observe when taking part in Weight training – To keep safe in weight training you need to have a spotter which is someone who can handle the weights if you can’t. You also need to check the weight before you uses them. Also don’t use weights which are to heavy for you. Circuit training – Circuit training can be really dangerous so you need to space out all your equipment and do it in small groups so you don’t bump into each other and cause a injure. Also stretch off before you do any of the stations.

Interval training – You need a flat surface. You also need lots of grip on your shoes to get a good start and for a good finish. When you are doing interval training don’t do it with a lot of people so you don’t injure yourself. Continuous training – Continuous training can be really dangerous if you are on your own. So you need to run with a friend and wear the right foot wear. You need to warm up before you do the run so you don’t get injure. Before you start the run make sure that the course is safe. Any apparatus used – Make sure all apertures that you are going to been using are safe. Name two activities exercises you have chosen in your programme How will these help to improve your chosen component of fitness?

Illinois test The Illinois test will help me with my components of fitness because I think it will help me to improve my agility which will help me to change directions quickly to run after a forward. 2. Weights Weights will help me with my components of fitness because it’s important for me and all the players on the pitch. I need strength to push off other players to get to loose ball and also to defence a set piece. Appropriateness of chosen exercises. Explain why you have chosen at least two of the exercises/ activities and how they will help you achieve your targets. 5 marks

Describe what is meant by the following terms Describe where there are examples of these in your training programme SPECIFITY – Every person will need A different training program – we’re all different and we all do different things. 1) Train the right parts of the body – there’s no point making a weightlifter run 10 miles a day – it won’t improve their weightlifting. 2) Train to the right level – if someone’s dead unfit, don’t start them with a 5 miles swim. Well I make sure that my training programme was the right one for me so I could improve my strength by doing weight training and to improve in my agility which will allow me to change directions quickly to run after a forward.

PROGRESSION – Steadily increase the amount of training that’s done – but only when the body has adapted to previous training. During my weight training increased the weight I was lifting to enable me to keep progress. For example: The chest Press. I increase the weight of it by 5Kg each session. OVERLOAD- You’ve got to make your body work harder than it normally would. You’ve got to push yourself beyond the training threshold. It’s the only way to get fitter. Overload will help me with my training programme because it will make me push myself in a game or in training. This is good because I am trying to producing overload and this will improve my game and make me become fitter.

REVERSIBILITY – Your fitness levels changes all the time – and it will go down if you stop training. It takes much longer to gain fitness than to lose fitness. Reversibility is not a good thing because if you work for a long period of time and stop for a few weeks it will be very hard to try to get back to the fitness you were at before you stopped. In my training programme I think there is a case of reversibility because we had 1 week off for half term and all the result before the half term were much better then the ones after.

Introduction- my personal exercise plan is going to be based on fitness. The reason why I chose fitness is because it’s the sport that I feel contsains the most amount of sport that I enjoy and am at my best …

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My name is James West. I am currently studying G. C. S. E P. E at Queensbury Upper School. I have been interested in sports since I started middle school and have been playing rugby since year 6. I joined …

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