US Healthcare System

The US healthcare system, once a hallmark of healthcare excellence, is currently one of the least effective healthcare systems among developed countries and moving current standards towards Universal Healthcare standards may just be the solution to the problematic situation. Methodology: To research and address the thesis of this paper, the author will apply critical analysis of researched information found in the World Wide Web and other available documents.

The author will be compiling and comparing various literatures associated with the topic and make educated summaries and inferences based on the researched information, paying particular attention to current statistics, government reports and recent advancements in the field of healthcare and how they impact the current situation. Sources will be chosen based on relevance and recentness of information. Information from previously accomplished researches may also be referenced especially if the topics of said researches are also relevant to the topic at hand.

Outline I. Introduction A. Overview of the current American Healthcare System B. Current status of the American Healthcare System II. Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis A. Issues 1. Cost and Spending 2. Quality 3. Access B. Hypothesis III. Review of related literature A. The US Healthcare System 1. History 2. Overview and trends B. Universal Healthcare 1. Definition and overview 2. Pros and Cons IV. Discussion, Synthesis and Proposal V. Conclusion VI. Appendix Sample Sources: Battista, J. R. , MD & McCabe, J. , PhD. (1999).

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[Name] [Course Name and Number] [Institution] [Professor] [Date Submitted] Abstract The US Healthcare System is one of the worlds most technologically and medically advanced. It is also the most expensive according to tallies conducted by WHO and OECD studies. Due to this fact, its delivery system has suffered and as data from most international and local studies indicate, the US healthcare system by far is the least effective despite the resources allotted and available to it.

This failure as a system has generated dissatisfaction all across affected areas – from consumers, employers, healthcare leaders and policymakers. This has lead to discussions of and pleas for reform, all of which eye the system employed by countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Canada etc. (countries who employ what is known as Universal Healthcare) as an ideal model to employ and thus solve the current healthcare situation.

USA is the only country which has not implemented universal healthcare plan for its citizens. Nowadays, many non industrialized nations have also started adopting it. At present few special underprivileged pockets of the population like the elderly people, poor section, …

This is easily debunked as President Obama has taken this factor into consideration. In fact, it was never a question of having enough funds as the budget is considerably malleable. In the proposal, the budget for healthcare will become the …

Due to the problems and inadequacy of the current health system, a plan for implementing a form of universal healthcare in the United States was made by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden (Obama & Biden, 2009). In …

The recent article in New York Times regarding Universal Healthcare entitled, “Candidates Outline Ideas for Universal Healthcare” ensures that the political parties gear up for the change in the healthcare history by providing health insurance to all the country’s Americans. …

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