Universal healthcare

The recent article in New York Times regarding Universal Healthcare entitled, “Candidates Outline Ideas for Universal Healthcare” ensures that the political parties gear up for the change in the healthcare history by providing health insurance to all the country’s Americans. The purpose of the article is to publicize the promises made by one of these future presidents into reality Currently, there are over millions of Americans who are not covered by health insurance primarily because of their ineligibility by the health insurance companies or only because they are too expensive.

There are several issues that deal with the healthcare insurance for all and Mrs. Clinton is adamant about her success regarding universal healthcare as she believes that universal healthcare is all about the right of the Americans. As of recent, only the democrats had proposed a plan for the universal healthcare and they believe that the target is achievable. Many future candidates running for the post of presidency propose several ideas to incorporate several ideas that resonate with the complete implementation of universal healthcare.

Due to the expensive costs of the healthcare insurance, millions of Americans in United States are not insured and hence lack the proper medical treatment. Governor Bill Richardson proposes a realistic idea to achieve his goals. As the New York Times states, “Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico offered a potpourri of ideas to achieve universal coverage, including tax credits to help people buy insurance and an option to let people ages 55 to 64 buy coverage through Medicare. To help pay for his proposals, Mr.

Richardson said, he would “get out of Iraq” and redirect money from the military to health care” (Pear, 2007). The liberals are for the motion for the universal healthcare and this characteristic feature can be seen in the democrats while the Republicans are conservationists where they don’t openly resist the idea of universal healthcare but are unsure of how to achieve such a major aim since universal healthcare becomes a hot topic for discussion and a main point for election evaluation for the public for the year 2008. As such, the views of the think tanks are as follows:

LIBERALS: * Promotes the notion of Liberty; freedom; these are the democrats; * Open to new ideas and challenges; willing for a change; * Supports the notion for Universal Healthcare stating that “healthcare is a right and not a privilege”. CONSERVATIONISTS: * Resists the ideas for changes, fear to adopt changes * Conservationists state vague views regarding universal healthcare believing that it involves a tremendous change which they might be unable to adopt * These are the Republicans, who wish to continue or just improve the current issues or systems at hand.

The policy makers, however, are sure that the aim can be achieved but this would mean an extensive course on the healthcare development as the former senator of North Carolina states that he’d increase the taxes in order to meet the health insurance costs that are estimated to be between $90 billion to $120 billion per year. With regards to the social practice, the article highlights on the poor economic status of the country where basic healthcare needs are being deprived for the poor and only those with the sufficient status and income are allowed to proceed for healthcare insurance plans.

This indifference and disparity is truly a social issue as millions are deprived of basic healthcare facilities due to lack of insurance. While the seven democrats standing for the presidency election vowed for the universal healthcare, each had their own perspectives. The policy makers believe that the result or how to achieve such an aim could not be perceived in advance backed by the Republican’s views as they are unsure of how a major change such as this can be attained as the conservationist minds are resistant to any changes.

As stated at the end of the article, ““Health care is a right, not a privilege,” Mr. Kucinich said” (Pear, 2007).

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