Obama’s healthcare reform plan

This is easily debunked as President Obama has taken this factor into consideration. In fact, it was never a question of having enough funds as the budget is considerably malleable. In the proposal, the budget for healthcare will become the focus or core of the overall budget. In addition, additional funds for healthcare will be derived from adjustments in taxes (United States Government [USG], 2009). Thus, instead of the upper class getting the same tax cuts, it will be instead reduced in favor of funding the universal healthcare system.

Given these methods of compensation, the budget allocation can never be a problem. Another major issue regarding the feasibility and success of a universal healthcare system is regarding the issue of freedom of choice. Some people fear that if a universal healthcare system is to be established, then there is a possibility that people will be forced into acquiring healthcare services from a specific provider (Battista & McCabe, n. d. ). Hence, if ever such happens, the public may resent the universal healthcare system.

In order to refute this point, facts regarding the position of healthcare providers in the context of a universal healthcare system must be taken into account. In a universal healthcare system, there is an open choice and competition between providers which results in a wider variety of choices for the public. Moreover, due to this freedom of choice, fees may be adjusted depending upon the financial capability of the individual since negotiations are allowed (Battista & McCabe, n. d. ). Thus, it is clear that the fear regarding such issues on the availability of choices are very much unsubstantiated.

Aside from budget and freedom of choice-related issues, there are also concerns regarding general public acceptance. The universal healthcare system is usually thought of to be a form of socialized medicine which is generally negatively received by the public. The truth, however, is far from this misconception as the healthcare firms will not be under the direct control of the government. Hence, it is not a form of socialized medicine even with public funding. In fact, from a survey conducted, majority of the masses are in support of the universal healthcare plan (Battista & McCabe, n. d. ).

As presented, there are numerous issues regarding the universal healthcare system. However, most of these are simple misconceptions or lack of proper understanding. Therefore, taking into consideration that the prime focus of the plan is to improve the health and welfare of the general population despite the current economic problems being faced, the universal healthcare plan will indeed work. Its effectiveness will also be ensured since it is designed to address health based concerns given the current economic situation, and it is generally supported by the masses.


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