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I am now going to pick out two of these fitness components that I feel are most relevant to my chosen sport and give my reasons for why I think it. Stamina – Because in volleyball you need to work hard for quite a long time, meaning you are using your aerobic system, this involves your heart pumping more blood around the body and your lungs holding a greater capacity of oxygen.

Your heart and lungs also work together as your lungs take in oxygen which then diffuses into the blood stream, this travels around to the heart where the oxygenated blood is pumped around the body and to the working muscles, this allows the body to work aerobically for a longer period of time, meaning if I work on my stamina then I will be able to sustain the length of the volleyball match easily without tiring. Muscular Endurance – Because in volleyball your voluntary muscles will need to last for a long time throughout the length of the volleyball match and work many times without tiring in the anaerobic activity.

As with stamina the process is the same; the heart and lungs work in conjunction to supply oxygen to the working muscles and remove waste products, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, to prevent lactic acid build up which leads to cramp and eventually would prevent further exercise. The training programme I am going to design is for myself so I can improve the two fitness components I have picked out to raise these aspects of my game which will therefore improve my whole performance in my chosen sport.

This is what I expect to achieve in the 6 weeks. I am 15 years old and an active person; I take part in two football teams who train once a week for 2 hours long and play matches once a week for 90 minutes and I am in the Park High volleyball team. I also take part in all three practical PE lessons which last for 50 minutes inside of school. I have quite a high fitness level and also have no medical conditions, therefore not affecting my participation and ability in sport.

My diet is rather varied and differs on a day to day basis. I try to eat my 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day and generally do eat health food. All of the stations I have picked for me to carry out whilst completing my circuit training are ones that I feel will help me a great deal in improving my stamina and muscular endurance so I can improve on my chosen sport, volleyball. This is a good way of training as you are working on many different muscle groups and improving them.

Also it can be easily changed to adapt the sport or activity you want to improve at however it can become tedious as you maybe completing the same circuit over and over again but this can be easily be avoided if you change around the circuits each time you complete them. Continuous Training I have chosen to carry out continuous training because it works in both the aerobic training zone which is at 60 – 80% of your MHR (maximum heart rate) and this is useful because my chosen sport works in the aerobic training zone.

Continuous training requires you to work at the same pace for between 30 minutes and 2 hours at a moderately active level. There are a vast number of reasons to use Continuous Training, these include such things as the fact that it helps to improve cardiovascular endurance, it helps to improve health related fitness, it helps to reduce the amount of body fat we have and it helps to maintain our fitness levels in the off season. There are many activities that can be completed for continuous training. The activities that I have chosen to carry out in my continuous training are:-

1. Running – I have chosen running as part of my continuous training because it helps a lot in improving Stamina, this is important because stamina is one of the fitness components I have decided to improve, furthermore improving my Stamina is also one of my targets and by running I will be able to achieve this. 2. Cycling Machine – I have chosen to work on the cycling machine because I think that this will also increase my stamina and like before this is my target as this will improve my overall general fitness and therefore increase the ability of my volleyball game.

3. Rowing Machine – I have finally chosen to use the rowing machine as well because this will also help in improving my stamina as will the cycling machine and running, but this provides another way in which to do so, therefore I will find it more fun to train and this will result in me not experiencing tedium. In volleyball you are always moving around due to the length of the match as you play 3 or 5 sets each consisting of a 25 point score meaning to compete, you need a good level of stamina.

Completing these three activities will increase your stamina meaning they are relevant to my sport and will help me improve on it. Whilst carrying out my programme and the activities and types of exercises I have chosen to improve my stamina and muscular endurance there are going to be potential risks with the apparatus and equipment that I will need to consider. I am going to carry out a risk assessment to clear the chance of potential risks.

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