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My name is Thariq and I am 15 years old. I don’t think I am really that fit for my age, even though I can jog about 800metres. I really can’t play a 90 minute football match. From the 70th minute I feel so much of pain and my chest starts hurting. Its due to excess amount of lactic acid has been created to follow out my exercise, which ends up in pain. I lift weights which weighs about 50lbs. I can also do up to 22 press ups and about 10 pull ups. I do some stretches and I also do some sit ups. Have I had/ do I have any injuries?

I do not have any injuries now. I never got a bad injury, like a fracture of the bone. But I get some strain/ muscle pull after or sometimes during a football match. I think it’s because I don’t warm up before the match. I think it would be better to warm up before a match. How much physical activity I carry out in a week? Firstly, early in the morning when I get out of bed, make my bed and hover my room. I mostly walk to school, but sometimes out of laziness catch the bus. Well, my school is quite far from my house, so cant really blame myself for being lazy.

I then come back home and help my mum wash the dishes. I go and play football with my cousins for about half an hour. This is my monotonous daily routine. Aim I play football and I want to improve my fitness in football. I want to improve my skills by doing some skill drills in my circuit training. I will also improve my strength in my legs my doing some weight training, by doing so, my shot power will be better. I will have to improve my stamina so that I can play a 90 minute match without really getting tired. Components of fitness for football 1.

Stamina/ Endurance- I will need a lot of stamina to play a 90 minute match without getting tired. 2. Timing- This component is required for me when I’m in my mid fielding position. I will need this to tackle the ball from the opponent. 3. Speed- Speed will be required, when I’m in the attacking position. I have to dash through when I have to score a goal. 4. Strength- I will be requiring this for better shot power. This will be mostly needed for direct free kicks. In order to improve my fitness, I will be developing circuit training in my 6 week training.

Test results In my Personal Exercise Programme, I have worked on certain areas to improve myself in the legendary sport of Football. I followed and completed a schedule as mentioned to help me get better playing football. I may change a few things in my Training Programme. The time of when I actually under take the programme would probably change because sometimes it did clash in with my religious life. If I do the Training Programme again, I would change the time I actually spend on each activity so I will be able to endure over an extensive period of time.

In my Personal Training Programme altogether, I think that that I have really benefited from it. I can feel that I have more strength and endurance when I play football at school and I also have learnt new things (e. g. new skills) on the process. I can see changes in myself because in my bleep test undertaken in my school I have improved really well, I am able to play football confidently and take powerful, threatening and dangerous shots towards the goalkeeper and have learned really good skills which will come useful.

I would recommend people to do their own Personal Training Programme in their own time as it will keep them fit and healthy and there are many concerns now days of obesity so by doing this will keep a person fit and healthy, maintain a healthy heart and live for long. In my Personal Exercise Programme, I have worked on certain areas to improve myself in the legendary sport of Football. I followed and completed a schedule as aforementioned to help me get better playing football.

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