My chosen sport is football

Im am doing this PEP (Personal Exercise Program) as part of my GCSE in Harrow High School. In the PEP we have to train for 6 weeks trying to improve our fitness levels by doing Push ups, Ladders, shuttle run etc… by doing this hopefully I would improve and beat my previously made score which I made before the Circuit training began. We have 2 periods of training one of which we go to Gym where I will a continuous machine for 20mins such as Treadmill and then work on my Muscular Strength/Endurance and so on by using my chosen 4 machines.

After each week I will evaluate what I have done and say how I feel good/bad about the weeks training and record the results also hopefully this will help me to improve by the end of the 6 weeks training. My chosen sport is football and I want to improve on my cardio vascular endurance and also on my strength of my leg as I would like to be more able to shoot harder in matches and play for the whole 90mins which I can as I play for a football team but I would like to be fitter and play better in the whole 90mins. I think that I am an Ectomorph but would like to be a Mesomorph.

Endomorph: Ectomorph: Mesomorph: Out of these 3 I think that I am a Ectomorph I would like to be a Mesomorph as it will mean I would be a stronger and better player in football and that I could be a better player overall if all my body was strong but in order to do this I would have to become a slightly near an Endomorph and then when I train in the gym the muscles would show. I have only these 18 lessons to complete my challenge of becoming nearer to a Mesomorph and a much fitter person.

I am going to work in the gym in HHS as part of my PEP personal exercise program and hope to increase my fitness by doing this for a 6 week period. In the gymnasium we have to work 5/6 different working stations where we started off by going onto a cardiovascular station for at least 20min or we have a choice of going onto 2 different cardiovascular stations such as Treadmill and Bicycle. And then we had a choice of 4 different resistant machines which we had to set ourselves a target on and we should try to achieve that target. I have chosen football as part of my pep and there are many important factors that come from gym which are used in football such as shoulder press, you need this to be strong when being challenged and when challenging also cardiovascular endurance when on treadmill and bicycle is important as we need to stay strong and fit throughout most of the match, (not get tired for the whole 90 minutes)

My overall choices were to use the Bicycle and then Treadmill for at least 10 minutes each and then go onto the free weights where I will use a variety of different weights and I will manipulate different maneuvers. For example the bicep curl or the tricep extension, these machines are for upper body. Then I would go onto using the shoulder press where I will do 3 sets of 12 reps of 25 kg and when I have finished with that I would use the seated leg press. On this machine I will be using 56 kg off weight pushing against my leg which I would move forwards and backwards. I will do 3 sets of 12 reps of the seated leg press too. Last of all I am obtaining to do is the chess press which I would do 3 sets of 12 reps of 35 kg.
Circuit: As you move from station to station you complete a series of exercises in a given amount of time for us this time is 45 seconds. This training develops the power, strength, flexibility and endurance while training.

Continuous: while doing continuous training you have to exercise body at moderate rate keeping pulse at a constant level of 60-80% of MHR. (Maximum heart rate) this training is good for cardiovascular endurance and the respiratory system. Resistance: Anaerobic training, including weight training, weight machine use, and workout that is a challenge for you. Resistance training will increase strength, muscular endurance, and muscle size, for example: running can improve but jogging cannot. In weight training lifting heavier weights increases muscle size and power but in light weight training it increase the muscle endurance.

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