Skills of a sports leader

There are many different people who are sports leaders some are famous and well known and others are not. Sports leaders have to have certain qualities and skills to make them prosperous sport leaders and for them to succeed in their job. Different sports leaders have to have different qualities and skills but mostly all sports leaders need the same skills. I have listed all the skills and qualities that as ports leaders needs and explained each one for each skill or quality I have compared two sports leaders. Time management

Time management is deciding what activities need the most time and prioritising. You have to focus on what is most important and what activities your group will most benefit from. Sports leaders need time management skills so that he can focus on the things that need most time and know what they are doing. A netball coach will have to arrive at the session half an hour before it is to begin whereas Jose Mourinho the Inter Milan manager will have to arrive 2-3 hours before so he can set everything up. Evaluation Evaluation is evaluating your sessions and deciding if your session worked well or not.

If your session did not work well you will have to make changes. A leader who is good at evaluating is Alex Ferguson, he evaluates his session because he wants his team to be the best and to improve. Evaluating his session allows him to focus on the things that need improving in his session. A PE teacher will also evaluate her session to see whether it ran smoothly and what changes could be made to the session. Managing a group Managing a group is adapting to work with different numbers of people in your session. If you are managing a large group you will have to use more equipment.

A good sports leader needs to be able to manage a group because if they have planned a session for a small number of people but extra people turn up you will have to adapt and manage the group. The England rugby coach Martin Johnson will work with a large number of people but a personal trainer will only have to work with one person. If you work with one person you focus on only one person and give them all your attention. Martin Johnson will have to manage a large group and adapt to the number of people he has to work with. Goal setting

Goal setting is setting targets to help individuals reach their goals and their potential. It is also helping them to improve their performance. Every sports leader has to set goals to make sure that the people they are leading improve each session and learn new things which will help them improve. The England test match captain Kevin Pieterson will set goals for his team to achieve and give a certain time the goal has to be achieved in. A swimming coach will also set goals so that his team or swimmer can improve and succeed in the sport. Organisation

Organisation is arranging your sport session, checking what equipment you need, and checking if the facility you need is available. You also have to make sure that that you do not leave anything to the last minute and everything is booked and checked in advance. A basketball coach will have to book the facility for a basketball tournament 3-4 months in advance on the other hand, the Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho will not have to book anything in advance for his session because his team have their own stadium but if his team are playing an away match he will have to book a year in advance..

Jose Mourinho will have to organise matches and the players that will play the match and so will the basket ball coach. Decision making Decision making is knowing how to make the right decision when in difficult situations and problems. For example if someone is hurt a sports leader will have to decide whether they are fit enough to continue taking part in the session. Fabio Capello the England manger will have to decide which players will play in the match and also decide who will play in case of an injury.

A fitness instructor will make decisions for their client about what they have to do to become fit and decide on a routine the client has to follow. Knowledge A sports leader needs knowledge so that they can teach the session and teach the participants new skills. They also need knowledge in many areas so that they can do different things and not just one. Alex Ferguson has lots of knowledge about football and is very good. A PE teacher will have knowledge in lots of areas but will not be as good as Alex Ferguson because he only focuses on one sport.

Communication A good sports leader will need to be able to communicate. This is sharing, listening, and understanding information. Communication is split into verbal and non verbal. Verbal communication is when you talk to the group and non verbal is using demonstrations and your body. Martin Johnson and Kevin Pieterson both have to be able to communicate with their team and listen to others views and opinions. They have to demonstrate and show an understanding of their team.

This skill requires the leader to communicate verbally and nonverbally. Verbal communication involves the talking to the individual or group. When doing this you need to speak loud and clear when you are talking to players in order for them …

Personal appearance helps you gain respect and it is also setting the standard. The participants in a session will look up to someone with good personal appearance and will know that the leader knows what he/she is doing. Alex Ferguson …

Block-ready in position, hands high, watch to see where the ball is set up, jump and knock the ball over the net, hands close together, hands over the ball and flick it. What was your involvement in the sport and how …

This assignment will describe and explain roles and responsibilities of sports coaches in different sports as well as skills that are commonly found in successful sports coaches and how these compare and contrast from each other to make a good …

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