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Personal appearance helps you gain respect and it is also setting the standard. The participants in a session will look up to someone with good personal appearance and will know that the leader knows what he/she is doing. Alex Ferguson will have to wear a suit while attending a match whereas a netball coach will wear at tracksuit. This is because Alex Ferguson has to show he is professional and because of his status and his job. Enthusiasm It is important that a sports leader is enthusiastic. If a sports leader is enthusiastic the group will feel motivated and will feel eager to learn.

If the leader is enthusiastic this will make the group pay attention to what the leader is saying or doing. A primary school PE teacher will be very enthusiastic this will make the class feel motivated. Martin Johnson will also be enthusiastic but he has to take everything seriously and show that what he is doing is crucial to succeed. Confident A person leading a sports session must be confident. If a sports leader is confident the group will understand you and feel that you know what you are doing. Fabio Capello has to be confident and show his team that he knows what he is doing.

A tennis coach will also have to be confident and show how things are done. Motivation A good sports leader will be self motivated and work for his satisfaction and will be self motivated. If a sports leader has their own reason for doing something they will feel enthusiastic and committed. Martin Johnson will be motivated to help his team he will coach his team for his own satisfaction, if he is motivated his team will also feel motivated. A cycling coach will also have to be motivated and encouraging so that the cyclists he coaches will feel that they can achieve.

Empathy A sports leader must be empathetic. If a leader is empathetic they will be able to identify and understand their group’s feelings and difficulties. A PE teacher will have to understand her class and change her session to her student’s abilities. She will also have to understand her student’s difficulties so that she can make them improve. A basketball coach will have to understand the team’s difficulties so that each team member is comfortable in the position they play in and do not find it difficult or uncomfortable. Being positive

If a sports leader is positive the group will feel motivated and comfortable. If a leader is positive they will encourage their group and focus on the good things rather than the bad. Jose Mourinho will have to be positive but also consider his teams weaknesses so that his team can improve he will be positive but not all the time. A PE teacher will be very positive and not make anyone feel bad so that everyone feels comfortable. Ambition If a sports leader is ambitious they are more likely to succeed and want to be successful and achieve things.

Jose Mourinho is very ambitious he wants his team to be the best and for people to say that he is a good manger for Inter Milan. A PE teacher will be ambitious but not as ambitious as Jose Mourinho she will want her class to improve but will not expect them to become amazing at PE. After comparing the sports leaders all sports leaders have to work hard and have to have various skills and qualities but certain factors do affect how good you are and if you posses that skill or quality.

All sports leaders are better at certain things than others because they either have more experience or because they work with different people. Sports leaders are all different because not all if them work in the same sport and also some leaders work with professionals and some with amateurs and the people the teach are all different ages so the sports leader has to adapt to who they are teaching. For example if a sports leader works with children they have to adapt to them and teach things at a slower pace because children do not grasp things as easily as people who are older.

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