Planning and Leading Sports Activities

Mr cook has good communication because he can speak loud and I can understand what he is saying and he also uses body language and a whistle He has good communication because he speaks to his players clearly and tells them there roles and what to do during the game Overall Mr cook has better communication because he wont have to speak very loud because his voice wont be drowned by the fans and he can speak more clear English.

Time Management Mr cook is always on time and we have enough time for our PE lesson and we also have enough time to get back in and get changed Organisation of Equipment Knowledge He has good knowledge of the game because he is a PE teacher and has qualifications He has good knowledge of the game because he knows the rules of football and that’s why he manages a football team and he was also a footballer himself I think that Arsene Wenger has more knowledge than Mr cook because he manages a top team and he was a footballer before he managed a football team.

Activity Structure Mr cook starts with a warm up then a skill introduction and a conditioned game the we play a normal game and after that we warm down Usually he would tell the training coach to start them off with a warm up then focus on a skill and probably play a match after Arsene Wenger is better because he has professional coaches to tell the team what to do Target Setting Mr cook sometimes tells us what to do He always tells the players what to do during every game Arsene Wenger is better because.

Use of Language

Mr cook uses good language because he doesn’t swear and he explains everything clearly so we know what we are doing He has good use of language because he talks clearly to the players and explains everything Mr Cook has better use of language because he can speak more clearly and doesn’t have allot of people to teach in the class and can talk louder. Evaluation Qualities Appearance Mr cook always wears the appropriate clothes for the lessons if it is raining he will wear a tracksuit bottoms a jacket and a hat if it is hot he would wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt with trainers, and he also has a spare change of clothes and shoes if his clothes and shoes get dirty.

He always wears the right equipment in the game if they are training he would wear a t-shirt and shorts on a normal match day he would wear either a suit if it is raining he would wear a coat and he sometimes wears a jumper Leadership Style He has a good leader ship style he is always positive even if arsenal don’t play well and he also talks to the players when they are playing a match to help them focus and give them encouragement Personality Enthusiasm Mr cook is always very positive at the start of every lesson He is always positive before a match and never thinks negative even if like some players are injured and cant play a match he always stays strong.

Mr cook Motivation Mr cook always motivates us and always wants us to do our best and he encourages us and praises us He always motivates the players to play to their best quality and want them to play their best at all times Humour Mr cook is funny and sometimes he makes a joke about one of the other pupils He never tries to be funny in an interview or a during the match because he has to takes his job seriously Confidence Mr cook is always confident in the lesson because he never mumbles whilst talking and he is not afraid to demonstrate what we need to do He is always confident before a match day and is never nervous even when there is a lot of pressure put onto the team or when they are playing bad.

Responsibilities Professional Conduct Mr cook is always like a professional because he wears the correct uniform He is always professional because he wears a suit and the uniform and people know that he is the manager of Arsenal and it is a very serious job Health and Safety Mr cook always checks the playing surface at the start of every lesson for health and safety He always tells the grounds man to check if the pitch isn’t bumpy and if it is ok to play on it Insurance Child Protection Legal Obligations Equality Mr cook treats everyone the same in the lessons He always treats the players the same and never just pick on 1 or 2 players just because they aren’t good as the others and gives his young reserve players a chance.

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