Personal exercise plan

My introduction into sport was through school rugby, I started playing rugby union for my school in 2005, which was my first rugby experience. I began in no particular position as I was been tested to see what strengths and weaknesses I possessed; when later I became a Lock for my first season. In that same year I also began to play club level rugby for Sunderland RFU, where also I played prop. In my first year I had a dramatic learning curve advantage as I developed an excellent awareness for the sport and increased my components of fitness greatly.

These developments lead me to become a hooker in the second year of playing, as well as becoming captain for both club and school. This was my most successful season, as my school team (Castle View) was taking to a full season unbeaten, making us the Sunderland school champions, which allowed us to compete for the county school cup, which we were runners up too. In that year we were finalists of the county club cup, showing great improvement as a team.

I have also coming into my second year of college began a new sport. Rowing, being a traditional British dominated sport, in the Olympic events, inspired me to join my local club; the Sunderland rowing club. I am still underdeveloped and constantly developing my rowing technique on a rowing machine within gyms and at my club. Being a A-level PE student I have also been introduced to new sports regularly within my practical lessons such as Rounder’s, Badminton, hockey, football, netball, trekking and circuit training.

As my chosen sport this year will be trekking, I will be looking closely at improving my aerobic energy system to assist my sport and develop good leg power by training with weights and plymetrics. I will be completing my trekking expeditions within college and during my duke of Edinburgh experience outside of college. I have spent a lot of time within a gym, developing variation components of fitness throughout the years such as anaerobic weight lifting, aerobic weightlifting, cardiovascular training and plymetrics.

Previous Injuries I have not developed any serious injuries throughout my life, involved within sport. I have not experienced any broken bones or major muscle injuries. I have sustained a minor sprain in my ankle during a Rugby match, however nothing to a degree that would leave me absent from sport over a length of time. Trekking ‘Backpacking (tramping, trekking, or bushwalking in other countries) combines hiking and camping in a single trip.

A backpacker hikes into the backcountry to spend one or more nights there, and carries supplies and equipment to satisfy sleeping and eating needs. ‘ (WikiPedia 2008) Someone Trekking will pack all of his or her equipment into a backpack. These necessities must include food, water, and shelter, or the means to obtain them, but very little else, and often in a more compact and simpler form than one would use for stationary camping.

A backpacking trip must include at least one overnight stay in the wilderness (otherwise it is a day hike). Many backpacking trips last just a weekend (one or two nights), but long-distance expeditions may last weeks or months, sometimes aided by planned food and supply drops. It differs from walking as you are on a natural trail with uneven terrain, rocks and roots. In addition you need a good pair of hiking boots to support your ankles, waterproof clothing (see Appednix1) and a comfortable backpack to carry relentlessly.

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