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For my G.C.S.E Physical Education coursework project I have been asked to design a six-week training program for myself and perform this program recording the results of the program. One of the requirements of the program is that it should be specified to one particular sport, I have picked football to focus mine on. I play football for my school and for a local team going by the name of St. Margaret’s Under 16’s.

Both teams are very active both during season and pre-season, for my school we try to play one game a week against another local school or another year from our school. The school team also tries to train once a week, during this we go over basic training methods including game scenarios and fitness training. St Margaret’s play every Sunday and this season are also entering into a tournament in Belgium. In the past we have taken part in many other overseas tournaments being successful in France winning the tournament convincingly. I also regularly take parts in other sports this including squash, skiing and other sports being participated in school such as rugby, cricket, softball, basketball and I have also undertaken a weeks course in sailing.

Fitness test results: add something here just about when and why u r doing them Football is a very physically demanding sport, a game can be constantly moving meaning a player can get no real time for a long period of rest. Due to the constant stop start style of movement a player has during the game a competitors ATP system must be used a lot. This is basically the energy produced by the respiratory system, which is used by our muscles, the more ATP produced by aerobic respiration the longer our muscles can work at a higher level for longer, this being important in a game of football.

Football is of course a contact sport so not only is aerobic fitness necessary but so is strength. If a player has good strength it increases his chances of winning 50-50 challenges, which could be crucial to the teams progress in the game. Football is a sport that requires strength in all major body parts with particular emphasis on the shoulder girdle, back, hips, and legs. It is also a sport where most injuries are caused by too-tight and inflexible muscles, so stretching and flexibility routines are extremely important, not only to help avoid those injuries, but also to improve agility and speed. A football player, whatever position he plays, needs speed and power.

Seasonal Training As I have already said in my introduction, my 6 week training program will be aimed at two specific areas these being stamina and strength. It is important for me to improve these aspects so that my performance in my team games will improve this being beneficial not only for me but also for my teammates and team. In training there are four main types of seasonal training, these are: Out of season preparation- To keep a high level of fitness through continuous training for anaerobic fitness, strength training for muscle groups and a healthy diet.

Pre-season preparation- To reach peak fitness for the sport, through anaerobic training, extra strength and power trainings and skills training with practice matches.  Competition- The aim is to win through playing the sport quite regularly, training to maintain fitness and rest to avoid injury and fatigue.  Recuperation- Complete recovery through rest, holidays, relaxation and playing other causal sports to maintain a general level of fitness.

I will be carrying out my training during competition so as stated I will need to train to maintain fitness and rest a lot. I feel that rest will be very important because if I train to much it will have a bad effect on my body causing unnecessary injury. Therefore in my program I must ensure that I have adequate amount of rest periods for my body to recover. As I have stated I am in competition so I must make sure that my program is relevant to this seasonal training. could add something about skills to keep level of performance up because u have it in your circuit

What will be improved and worked on in the program: I will focus the training on three main aspects these will be stamina, strength and general aerobic fitness. To achieve this I must ensure that my program is based on this. Stamina Stamina is the ability of our heart and lung systems to cope with activity over a long period of time. We need to keep our active muscles supplied with energy and to get rid of waste products during prolonged periods of strenuous activity. The better our aerobic capacity the better we can keep going for long periods of time when playing football.

Our maximum aerobic capacity is called our VO2 max. It is the maximum amount of oxygen that can be transported to, and used by, our working muscles during exercise. If we have a high VO2 max we can use much more oxygen than other people. We can work our body at a higher rate for long periods and will suffer less fatigue than others with a lower VO2 max. If I can improve my stamina it will mean that I will be able to supply my muscles with oxygen for longer periods of time using aerobic respiration methods. This should significantly improve my performance in a match and it will help me perform better in later stages of a game and hopefully with this extra stamina I may have an advantage over the opposition.

For my G.C.S.E Physical Education coursework project I have been asked to design a six-week training program for myself and perform this program recording the results of the program. One of the requirements of the program is that it should …

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