PEP stands for personal exercise program

This is characterised by repetitions of hard, quality work with a recovery period following each set of repetitions. An example of interval training is doing a 20 metre sprint, jogging back, and then sprinting again. The jog back would be your rest period. This can help me to improve my football because in a game you are changing direction and speed quickly as you need this to be able to pass and go.

Fartlek Training It contains both Interval and continuous training and it can provide an excellent endurance and strength session as well as improve speed and space awareness. An example of fartlek training is to run over crash mats and over benches, changing the speed in which you run. This stimulates being in the environment and running around different obstacles like hills and flat ground.

Continuous Training Continuous training is where you are working at the same rate all the time to exercise in a steady aerobic way. Continuous training is proved to give the greatest heart rate reduction during performance of exercise. I can use this in my training program by running for an amount of time without stopping this would be good to improve my overall fitness for my chosen sport.

Section B I tested the fitness requirements of my sport by playing the sport in my own time and by doing various activities related to my sport such as the multi-stage fitness test which is also known as the bleep test. I have also chosen my test by picking tests that are relevant to the muscles and parts of the body that I need to use for the sport. Bleep test – this consists of having a 20 metre distance and starting at one end we would have to beat the beep on the tape to the other end we would be out if we lost 3 times and would record our score like that.

After I was tested in all these exercises I identified the areas in my fitness which I believed I was lacking in, and from it I identified that my lower body was more fatigued, but this can be justified as most of the exercises were to do with the lower body. I set achievable goals from the tests that I performed. I did this ecause I knew my fitness could be improved a lot and I needed to strengthen and tone my lower and upper body muscles to be able to produce a more powerful shot at goal.

Flexibility is the range of movement in a joint. Your flexibility can be improved through the right kind of training. Flexibility is relevant to football as you need to use it when in goal being able to move quickly and bend when making a save. I have incorporative ways to improve my flexibility into my training program by using the appropriate stretches such as the abdominal stretch, back stretch and hip flexor stretch. I will do these stretches each time I do an activity and after a while I will notice an improvement in my flexibility. I noticed that in my results I didn’t improve dramatically in each of the tests, I did improve but not as much as I wanted to.

This training program has helped me to improve overall fitness within the sport of football. The multistage fitness test tests endurance which in a game of football means in would be able to play a whole game keeping up a good pace throughout, without stopping for rests often. The 50 metre sprint results relate to running across the pitch quickly to run onto a pass or to sprint back to try and get the ball. The standing broad jump incorporates power which is needed to put behind a pass to get enough power to where you want it to go. This also includes upwards jump. The Illinois agility test works on agility which is being able to change direction at speed which is an important part of football when changing direction quickly if the ball you received didn’t go where you thought and to be able to shake off defenders quickly. Hand eye co-ordination is being able to catch the ball when in goal.

The sports that I like doing are trampolining, football and karate. I belong to a karate club and train every Tuesday, I also use to play for a football club outside of school and the football and netball team in …

For my G.C.S.E Physical Education coursework project I have been asked to design a six-week training program for myself and perform this program recording the results of the program. One of the requirements of the program is that it should …

Agility: The skill is the ability to change the body’s position effectively; therefore it is needed in this particular sport to turn an opponent or for one to change direction without losing speed/maintaining speed. Speed: speed is defined as the rate …

For my G.C.S.E Physical Education coursework project I have been asked to design a six-week training program for myself and perform this program recording the results of the program. One of the requirements of the program is that it should …

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