Personal Exercise Program

Agility: The skill is the ability to change the body’s position effectively; therefore it is needed in this particular sport to turn an opponent or for one to change direction without losing speed/maintaining speed. Speed: speed is defined as the rate of motion, in football it is needed under several conditions. Whilst passing the ball, if the receiver of the ball acquires a greater speed than his opponents he will be difficult to cover. Also the receivers speed can divert players and create opportunities. Speed is also needed for a player to generally reach the ball before their opponent and for one to outpace an opponent.

Reaction Time : this is the time taken for a response to a stimulus. In football a good reaction time is vital; it is needed for a member of the team to respond to stimulus which is quick/successive. The faster the reaction time of a player, the faster the player can react on and off the ball. For example, making a tackle at the right time, or shooting first time. Power: power is needed to pass/strike the ball over long distances and also for one to have a starting force to launch a sprint. Power is speed x strength, the skill to apply maximum muscular contraction immediately in an explosive burst of movements. Balance: this is the skill to maintain a body position in a stationary or moving manner. In football balance is needed for a player to keep balance while under a challenge (tackle), dribble and generally for the player not to fall while contesting in the air.

Coordination : this is to use body parts together efficiently, its needed by a footballer to perform various tricks, and also to maximize efficiency whilst sprinting in a streamline motion. Health related fitness required: Cardiovascular (endurance) fitness: Also known as stamina, it is the ability for your body to incessantly supply your body with enough energy to maintain submaximal levels of exercise. It is an imperative factor needed at a good level by footballers. Footballers run 7-10 miles per game, therefore needs a constant supply of oxygen, cardiovascular fitness is needed for a player to maintain their breath to run long distances.

Strength: Elastic strength: the capability to surmount a resistance with an immediate contraction Strength endurance: the skill to express force persistently Both of these factors come under the umbrella of strength, and are needed by footballers. The sport is a contact sport in many ways, barging is one of the main tactics to fend a player off the ball, but for a player to withstand the force by the opposing player must have strength. Muscular endurance: This is the ability for one to make frequent contractions over a certain amount of time. In football this component is needed because, footballers constantly run and kick the ball. Constant running and kicking the ball requires for a player to make frequent contractions, hence needing muscular endurance.

Body composition: This is the Ratio of lean body mass (E.g. organs, bone, cells etc.) to body fat mass. It is vital for a footballer to have a low proportion of fat to prevent heart diseases and to maintain their fitness. Also having a high percentage of fat, places strains on joints  muscles and bones, this enhances the chance the player will get injured.
Why I have chosen the following exercises to be in my circuit: Shuttle run: The purpose of this exercise is to asses the ability to accelerate between a certain distances and to rapidly change direction. It tests not only speed buy agility too, also cardiovascular endurance.

Procedure: This exercise involves continuous running between two lines 20 meters apart in time to a pre recorded beep sound. The subject should stand behind one of the lines facing the second line, and start to run when dictated by the tape/CD. The subject continues running between the two lines, and turn when instructed by the recorded beeps. The test is stopped if the person does not reach the line (within 2 meters) for two consecutive ends.

Illinois agility test: The purpose of this exercise is to asses the ability to change direction whilst maintaining speed. Procedure: I will start with my face looking towards the ground at the starting point, then on the instructor’s command I will spring upright and then complete the course, the instructor will record my total time taken for completing this exercise. Pushups: The purpose of this practice is to increase muscular endurance, strength and power at most. Procedure: I will carry out this motion in the order of which it appears, several times.

Ladder run: The purpose of this exercise is to increase speed and agility, also coordination. Procedure: I will place one foot on each ladder, running as fast as I can to reach the end. The foot I use is denoted by this image below. Kick ups: This exercise will help me asses my reaction time, coordination and balance. (Also muscular endurance to some extent) Procedure: I will perform as many kick ups as I can, the exercise will end when the ball touches/reaches the ground.

My weakest sport is Football. My weakest areas are strength, fitness and speed. The skill related fitness required in Football is Agility, Power, Co-ordination, Balance, Speed, Cardiovascular fitness and Muscular endurance. Agility is needed to dribble past an opponent; Power …

The sport that I am going to do my P.E.P (personal exercise programme) is football. I have been playing football for around 9 years. Before this season I played for a Sunday league team called Fleur de lys. I played …

1. Cardio Vascular Fitness (Aerobic) i.e. stamina Aerobic fitness is the ability to sustain exercise for a prolonged period of time. It relies on the body’s ability to continually take in air, transfer oxygen from the lungs into the bloodstream and …

I am going to organise my plan and then perform a personal exercise program. The overall aims of my personal exercise program are to: 1. Improve specific and current fitness levels required for my sporting activity Cricket e.g. Cardio vascular …

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