Muscular Endurance

Cardiovascular – My score for the bleep test wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I got to level 9. 0 before I stopped. However, in karate Cardiovascular fitness isn’t very important. This is contradicting what I said in section B but I, personally, concentrate more on the Kumite (fighting) aspect of competition as opposed to the kata (forms), which does require quite good cardiovascular fitness. So with this said I am not that concerned with my score for this. I didn’t get a score for the 12min Cooper run. About 4 mins into the test I slipped on a cone and hurt my foot so I was un-able to continue with the test

Reaction Time – I scored 4. 4 in the reaction-time stick test, which was a good score. In comparison to the other people in the PE group I scored the second highest for this test. This is because of the amount of fighting training and competition I do. When fighting, whether it be training, sparring or in competition having good reaction time is very helpful when it comes to seeing openings for points and being able to see attacks coming and be able to defend them. Power – I scored pretty well in the power tests.

I scores 57. 5 in the vertical jump and 2.10 in the standing broad jump. My score for the broad jump was average but my score for the vertical jump was high. This is because power is needed a lot in karate. There are a lot of very powerful and dynamic movements.  Balance – I was quite surprised with my score for the stork stand, I had quite a low score in comparison with others. I expected that I would have scored much higher as balance is quite an important aspect of karate. Agility – I was quite happy with my score for this test. I completed the circuit in 17. 05 seconds.

Agility is important for fighting to help the performer avoid attacks or set them self up to attempt an attack. I felt that this test wasn’t an appropriate one to test my agility. I thought that it is a good test for a football, rugby of basketball player who has to change direction while running but for karate agility is needed from bouncing on the spot so if there was another type of agility test then I think that I would have scored even higher. > Strength – I Had a score of 54. 5 in the handgrip dynamometer test, which was the highest in the group.

The only reason I think that I scored quite highly in this is because in karate Fists are closed tightly most of the time.  Muscular Endurance – This isn’t needed that much for karate. I had an excellent score for the 2 tests. I done 55 sit-ups and 67 press-ups in 1 minute, which are both an above average score. This is different from the beam hand test, which I scored quite low. This is because of the fact that it was a help position that I wasn’t used to. If it was holding a position for instance in a stance with one arm out punching that I think that I would score much higher.

Co-ordination – I have good co-ordination skills. This was shown in the juggling test for which I juggled for 8 seconds. In comparison to the other candidates who done the same fitness tests, I Scores the highest. > Flexibility – Out of the boys I scored the highest with 15 for the sit & reach test which shows that I have good flexibility in my legs. Flexibility in this area is needed in karate due to the high number of kicking techniques. For the trunk hyperextension I had an average score with 35. Didn’t Do 12min Cooper Run  Speed – I scored average with the test for speed.

Iran the 30meters in 7. 03 seconds. This surprised me because although speed is important in karate, we do not do any running as with football or rugby so I was really pleased with my result. The same thing applies here as with the agility test. If there were a test, which would measure the speed of the legs or arms when punching or kicking, then I would have a very high score. In training we have in the past done an exercise where one person has to kick a pad, that is held at head height, 20 times as fast as they can. I have been able to complete the 20 kicks in 9 seconds.

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