General or Specific fitness

The purpose of taking part in this programme is to examine how physically fit I am, whether in General or Specific fitness. At the moment my fitness level can be classed as ‘above average’, due to my ability to do everyday activities without getting too tired after completing it. I am able to carry out simple exercises when needed, and also have the energy to carry out complex manoeuvres. My fitness levels are acceptable where my P.E. work is concerned. It doesn’t affect my performance, which I can say is normally quite good. To maintain my overall fitness levels, I take part in after school clubs, and activities that take part out of school.

I assume I have a normal lifestyle compared to many other students. On non-school days, I get up at approximately 11:00 am, have some cereal and complete my chores. After completing my chores, I regularly sit on the computer for approximately three to four hours, chatting to people and/or playing games with friends. On Tuesdays at 7:00pm, I attend an outer-school club that lasts for one and a half hours. There are numerous activities that can be done, which ranges from table football to hockey. I used to train with one of my local football teams, but unfortunately, I failed to meet the requirements of the team, and I was kindly asked to leave.

My daily diet is not too bad. On Mondays, dinner consists of rice and fried or baked chicken. On Tuesdays, we have a vegetable dinner, which may include broccoli and cauliflower, with prawns. We repeat the dinner on Monday for Wednesday, and order Chinese on Thursday, which has eggs, peas, chicken and beef cubes all mixed into one. For Fridays, I have takeaways. On Saturdays, I have pasta or soup, or baked potatoes and fish. Then on Sundays, the dinner consists of rice n’ peas with chicken and a salad with coleslaw. My daily intake of Carbohydrates is very high, which explains why I am able to stay up for very long periods without getting tired.

The reason why I’m taking part in this fitness programme is to enhance my physical and mental abilities. I want to have a better general health, and build muscles to make me more appealing to females. I also want to be able to complete a specific fitness test for my chosen sport. There is always a risk of danger in whatever we are doing. These risk are highly significant in my circuit and I will talk about each thing that could affect the safety of the students that will be taking part in my circuit.

Environment – The environment can affect the students on my circuit dramatically. One of these problems could be a crack in the ceiling, which could fall off with large chunks of concrete and seriously hurt myself or other students taking part on my circuit. Safety procedures can be taken to stop this, or any other incident that may occur. One of which can be to change the venue, or ask for it to be repaired.

Equipment – Damaged or aging equipment can seriously harm the person using that piece of equipment. Broken bars used to do pull-ups can snap and damage the user immensely. To ensure the safety of the users on my circuit, I will ask my teacher to test various equipments in an appropriate manor. Technique – Correct technique for each station of my circuit needs to be used. If it is not, there could be a result of strained and/or pulled muscles, which could result in the user having to take time out to recover, and eventually entering the Reversibility phase of the ‘Principles of Learning’.

The following is a list of techniques that I have considered using on my circuit. It includes diagrams and instructions on how to carry out each exercise. There are several different training methods available to me, most of which has been covered on the different techniques page. There are approximately twenty-two different types of training methods. Out of these, my task was to choose three specific and five fitness stations, design a circuit using football or basketball, and make one in our gymnasium.

The five fitness stations I chose were squat thrusts, sit-ups, shuttle runs, ladder test and sprint running. The reason why I chose these methods for my stations is to exercise and enhance the performance of the legs when playing football, because footballers need to be fast with their legs, and have very good ball control. I carried out this exercise in the middle of summer, where I believe I was at the peak of my fitness. I did this exercise for eight weeks to hopefully progress to a higher fitness level.

This day will be a day of rest allowing my body to recover after the previous days and previous weeks activities. This is very important as doing too much exercise can create a negative effect rather than a positive one …

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