The factors of fitness

In this coursework I am aiming to improve a component of my fitness over a period of time, and to do this I need to understand fully the principles of training that will be affecting my program: The Principle of Progression This principle is about building up slowly the intensity of your training so not to cause yourself injury. The Principle of Overload This principle is about over exercising your body so that you can get the benefits of the training.

I also need to be aware of the FIT principle; which stands for Frequency of exercise, Intensity of exercise, and Time taken on exercise. To make sure that I get the benefits of my training and improve my fitness I need to exercise enough so that I work inside my Aerobic threshold (60% of MHR) and my Anaerobic threshold (90% of MHR) if I do not work inside either of these thresholds then I will not get a lot of the training benefits. In this program I am going to train to improve my fitness in football, the factors of fitness I am going to work on are strength and endurance.

I am a 15 year old and at the moment I would say that my current level of fitness is quite high and I have no injuries or health problems, I do a lot of exercise in school and at home to maintain this level of fitness e. g. At home I do a 30-60 minute workout each night which involves skipping, press ups, weights, and hitting a punch bag. At school I play football at break times and I participate in P. E twice a week. In the bleep test I got 11. 2 and I hope to improve on this after the program.

In the training program I am going to make sure that every part of the program is safe and that any equipment is not misused so not to cause me any injuries. If the program is going to improve my fitness then I must make sure that the exercises I choose are the right ones for strength and endurance and I must carry them out properly so I gain the fitness benefits and do not injure myself. The Circuit In my program I am going to have 8 stations at which I have to do an exercise for 1 minute, once the minute is over I will rest for 20 seconds before going on to the next exercise.

I will complete the circuit 2 times. Before the circuit I will do a jog up and down the area in which I am going to do the circuit in then I will stretch all my muscles so I don’t get an injury while exercising. By warming up it means my muscles are less tense and I will be able to train harder and longer without getting tense or receiving an injury Station 1: Press-ups (with mat) Muscle groups: Deltoids, and biceps. This will help to build my upper body muscle up and improve my explosive strength.

Station 2: Sprints (Between cones) Muscle groups: Hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and biceps. This will help build up my legs and lower body, it will also give anaerobic exercise benefits to my body. I will sprint between the cones and see how many times I can sprint up and down Station 3: Sit-ups (with mat) Muscle groups: Abdominal muscle. This will help build up my abdominal muscle and improve my explosive strength. Station 4: Football Headers (with football) Muscle groups: neck. This will help improve my skill in football and help build up my neck muscles.

I will see how many I can do in a minute. Station 5: Bench Presses (with bench) Muscle groups: Biceps and triceps. This will help build up my upper body and help improve my stamina Station 6: Football dribbling (with football and cones) Muscle groups: Hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. This will help improve my skill in football and help build up my lower body. I will see how many times I can dribble the football back and forth between the cones Station 7: Chin-ups (with bar) Muscle groups: Biceps. This will also build up my upper body and my endurance along with strength.

Station 8: Bar hops (with bar) Muscle groups: Hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. This will help to improve my agility and build up both my lower and upper body muscles Station 9: Kick ups (with football) Muscle groups: Hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. This will improve my skill in football at keeping the ball up in the air I will count how many kick ups I do each time. Station 10: Crunches (with mat) Muscle groups: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Biceps, and Triceps. This exercise is very useful because it exercises most of my muscle groups for strength and endurance.

These exercises will all help me improve my fitness for my sport over a period of time and I hope to beat my bleep test at the end of the program. Every time I do the circuit I will write down the results from each station, and my recovery time and resting heart rate after the circuit. I will take my recovery time by taking my heart rate every 30 seconds for a minute and record how long it took for it to go back to resting heart rate. The next time I do the circuit I will aim to beat my previous results.

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