GCSE training program

I have chosen to base my training programme on football. I will specifically focus on the position right midfield because it is wear I play for my football team. This position requires a lot of effort as the players must defend as well as attack and must also be a key part of moving the ball around the field. I feel that the four components of fitness I will need to focus on are muscular endurance, agility, skill levels and aerobic power. I feel that I would need muscular endurance because what im expected to do is stretched over 90 minutes so my body/muscles need to keep going at medium to maximum efficiency.

Agility is needed in my role as my body/muscles must have the ability to turn quickly to connect with passes and to outrun opponents. My level of skill is fairly important in my position as when I come up against more challenging opponents a combination of agility and skill would be needed to get past them. For example a simple sidestep over the ball would usually send the opponent the wrong way while you hook the ball away from his/her direction with your other leg. I believe aerobic power is necessary for my position because of what is expected for us to do. This position requires the player to be able to run, defend, attack and create goal opportunities. To do this the players body/muscles will need to keep going and keep performing tasks involving the whole body.

In this project I will measure 2 pieces of skill that I sometimes use in a game to overcome opponents. My first skill is a simple dummy step over. To measure how I have improved/deteriated I will perform 10 stepovers in a single session. I will then record how fast I performed this task and get an onlooker to give me a performance rating out of 10(this person will be kept the same). I will do this 5 times throughout the session(once every week. My second piece of skill will be free kicks. I will aim for a spot in the goal and see how many of my shots hit the target. I will record my results in a table then convert this into a graph. I will do this once a week and have 10 shots. I will do this 5 times a week.

To measure my fitness elements I will: Muscular endurance- I will see how many press ups I can do in 1 minute. This will be easy to monitor and I will be able to spot improvements easily. Muscular power- I will see how far I can jump with my legs together in a standing still position. This also will be easier to monitor and improvements will be easy to spot. Agility- I will perform the Illinois agility run. Speed and anaerobic power- I will carry out a 100m sprint as this not only measures my speed but tests my anaerobic power as well.

Aerobic power- I will perform the 12-minute cooper run each week and make comparisons. I personally would like to achieve improvement in the majority of my tests as it is good exercise and is beneficial to my health. It also is good competition with yourself to see how far you can push yourself.

Principles of training

The principles of training will be present in my training program. Specificity is my skill components. These are suited for my position and help me in my role. Progression hopefully should occur throughout my training program due to overload but I must be careful not to stop my exercises otherwise reversibility may occur. I will show their use by at the end of my training program, comparing my fitness from the beginning of the training program to the end. While training I will be careful not to injure myself and I will also be careful not to do too much to avoid injury incase my body isn’t ready.

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