Training programme

Two factors that contribute to speed of reaction times and movement. Reaction time:-how quickly a performer can respond to something. It is essential for a netball player to have a good reaction time because it is a fasts paced again way you or me under pressure to react quickly in order to keep our the flow of the game. It can be improved with practice (obviously) and skill drills. Movement time:-how quickly a performer can carry out the actual movement. For example, how quickly it would take a netball to run into space and get into position. This is a vital element in the game of netball because other ways the opposition will have the opportunity to intercept and gain possession of the ball. This can be improved by Sprint interval training and Faartlek training. Speeding is also needed when dodging the opposition.

Strength A netball player would require explosive and dynamic strength. Explosive strength is 20 exert a force in one very short but very fast movement. In that netball, it would be needed when passing the ball, jumping for the ball and when suddenly moving full-bore. Dynamics stringed is the ability to apply force repeatedly over long time. It is closely linked with endurance. It would be needed in netball to support the body and sustain Movement. To improve strength, you need to carry out circuit training weight-training and callisthenics.

Agility Agility is the ability to change direction and the body position quickly baas still in full control of your body. It is closely linked with Balance. It is important foreign netball player to be agile Scilla can eat light on their feet, rapidly chain’s position and move into another, or Dodge opponents will still being fully balanced. Power Power fizz Bede and strength combined There’s a strong link between power and explosives straight. It is important in netball they have power, so there you are able to produce a strong, hard past, therefore you are able to keep up with the pace of the game and making it less likely they will pass will be intercepted by the opposition. Power can be improved by Sprint interval training, weight-training and callisthenics.

Aerobic capacity / fitness and cardiovascular endurance Cardiovascular endurance is how good you are achieving your muscles supplied the oxygen for more efficient your CV system, the slur your pulse rate will be many arresting or exercising, the quicker your possible return to normal of their excising. It is important foreign netball player to have good CV endurance and aerobic fitness, as during a game, you’re constantly moving and your muscles demand oxygen. It is therefore essential to have an efficient CV system. To improve your si Nieve Sister my your hearts and Longs will have to be worked in your training zone from 15 to 30 minutes. Circuit training is a good way.

Muscular endurance Muscular endurance is the ability of mussels to keep working and sustain Movement favor a period of Tarring. The better your muscular endurance the long you can exert your muscles for a larger force. Netball players need this as tourer a match you are forced to carry out a number of movements that require your muscles to work hard. To improve your muscular endurance, you will need to get stronger and build up stamina – weight-training is a good way. Progression is to steadily increase the amount/ intensity of training. There should only be done gradually and ruin your body is fully adapted to the previous training.

Specificity Everyone has a different fitness level and your training should be adapted to suit you. You also need to make your training specific to the sport you are concentrating on. Reversibility This is how long it takes your body’s fitness level to increase. It is far easier to use your fitness level and it is to gain it Week one This week I am going to concentrate on agility, reaction times, footwork, and strength and power. It will be carried out inside in either the sports hall or the gym .

I am going to construct a set warm-up which I will do every week. It will consist of aerobic type activities such as jogging and dynamic stretches into movements that are netball specific. It is important that you carry out a warm-up synergy prepare the bawdy Fortes to calm. The warm-up raises your pulse rate therefore increasing the blood flow to your muscles, which in turn, and creases mussel temperature. This reduces the risk of injury and enhances performance.

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