My Fitness Training Program

Well the aim of my training program is to increase my fitness level after the six weeks of the program. It will also help develop my football skills and my stamina and endurance while playing football. My current fitness level is level 13. 3 on the bleep test and this training program should help me reach my target, which is level 15. Current fitness level My current fitness level is: Bleep test: level 13 Cooper run: Excellent for a 15-16 year old boy

Ill improve my fitness level after 6 weeks by doing specific fitness test required for what I am doing in my program. My physical activity I get in a typical week Monday: In the morning I walk to school which is about 1mile and a half away. Then I have lessons where I have to walk to different classrooms. At breaktime I play football. Then I have lessons again. Then I play football again at dinner and sometimes walk to the dinner hall to get something to eat or drink. Then its lessons again.

At home time I walk home. At night I usually go ice-skating at the ice rink for about 3 hours. Tuesday: Tuesday is the same as a Monday through the day but at night I might play football at the church wickets. Wednesday: Is the same as a Tuesday except on the night I will go ice-skating and then ill walk back home from the ice rink. Thursday: Is the same as a Wednesday. Friday: Is the same as a Thursday. Saturday: Ill go ice-skating in the day then ice-skating in the night and walk around town for a while.

Sunday: I sometimes play football and go ice-skating on the night. Injuries or health problems that may affect me. I have no injuries or health problems that could affect me while doing my training program. Appropriateness of chosen exercise Exercises I have chosen 8 different exercises in order to develop the different aspects of fitness needed when playing football. Passing against a wall in-between cones (sports specific) – This exercise will develop my passing skills and my accuracy of my passing.

It will work on the calf muscles (gastronemous) mainly as you’re always on your toes ready to receive the ball. This will also improve my eye co-ordination. Dribbling the ball through cones (sports specific) – this will help improve my ball control and my speed/agility as ill be making sudden and quick movements. The muscles that this activity will have most impact on are my calf muscles, quadriceps, hamstring; my muscular endurance in my legs will be improved. Due to this my aerobic fitness will be developed.

Kick ups (sports specific)- This will work on my muscular endurance in the quads, hamstrings, calf muscles as I’m always putting pressure on one leg at different times. My ball control will improve to as well as my eye co-ordination. My cardio-respiratory fitness will improve too. Shuttle runs: These will develop the muscular endurance in my legs, as well as my stamina. My speed and agility will also be developed, as I will be changing the speed at which I am running, alternating between sprint and jog. My cardio-respiratory fitness will also be improved.

(2 laps jogging, 2 laps sprinting, 1 lap jogging, 2 laps sprinting, 1 laps jogging, 3 laps sprinting, 1 lap jogging) to make it harder I can increase the amount of sprinting laps and laps all together. Triceps dips – This will improve my muscular endurance in my arms. My triceps and deltoids will be working in this exercise, this will improve my strength on the ball in football. Press ups – Press ups work on my muscular endurance in the biceps, triceps, and deltoid muscles. This will improve my strength in football and develop my fore arms and my muscular appearance.

Step ups – Step ups work on the muscular endurance in the quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles, as well as my cardio-respiratory fitness. Squats – These will work upon the muscular endurance in all three muscles required in my legs, as well as on my anaerobic fitness due to the exercises being quick. I will make these harder as the sessions go along, by adding a star jump in between each of the squats. This will mean that the muscle endurance in my arms will also be used. As well as my cardio-respiratory fitness.

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