Training program

In order to perform my activity well I need to make sure that I have the right fitness requirements for the sport. Power- in order to be a good rugby player you must have a high standard of power. Power is a combination of speed and strength. It is required for most athletic events. In order to improve your power you should eat some fatty foods and foods high in protein. Also do weights on specific muscle groups.

Coordination- coordination involves putting the relevant motor programs in the right order, and effectively using the neuromuscular system to produce smooth and efficient movement. This is a necessity when playing rugby, as you have to have good coordination in order to perform accurate passing and running with the ball. Muscular strength- muscular strength is the ability to be able to apply strength against a resistance. There are 3 types of strength, maximum strength, elastic strength and endurance strength. You must have a good standard of these types of strengths in order to be a good rugby player.

The more strength you have the better your performance, although just having good strength will not mean you are a good rugby player as you will need to also have a high standard of the other components. Aerobic capacity- aerobic capacity is the ability of an athlete to take in and use oxygen-allowing participation in prolonged periods of continuous sub maximal activities such as swimming and running. The best way to test our aerobic capacity or VO2 max is under laboratory conditions. In order to improve your aerobic capacity you must train or exercise. This can be done by different training methods such as continuous training. This would greatly improve your fitness.

Speed- speed is the ability to move the body or body parts as quickly as possible. Speed is an important factor in all explosive sports and activities that require sudden changes in pace. Although to be a skilled rugby player you do not have to have a lot of speed. If you are a back you need explosive power. Reaction time- reaction is the ability to respond or act quickly. It is the time between a stimulus being detected and the first movement made in response to it. For example, in rugby when the ball is passed to you then knowing what to do next. Response can be affected by how long you take to process the information. This can be improved, however, with practice.

Flexibility- flexibility is the ability to use the joints to the full or through their full range of movement. It is a range of movement possible around a joint and depends on the amount of stretch allowed by the ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles. It helps when kicking in rugby. Flexibility can also decrease the chances of injury as it allows you to perform everyday tasks with out pulling muscles, ligaments or tendons.

Purpose of my Training Programme From my training programme I am hoping to improve on my muscular arm strength, as I know from looking at my fitness results I do not have very good upper body strength, which is quite important if you want to be a good, powerful rugby player. I am also going to try and improve my all-round level of fitness and strength, which will enable me to be a better rugby player. I would also like to have a higher lung capacity, as this is important in rugby because I will need a lot of aerobic energy, especially for full 50minute matches. My plan shows me how I am going to be able to achieve these goals.

Principles of Training SPECIFICITY- Means I must train for my particular sport. My training program must put stress on the muscles I am going to use in my chosen sport. Every activity requires a specific mix of fitness components and so my training must undertake the needs to reflect the contribution made by each component. However before I attempt any specific training I must have developed a general level of fitness. Three main factors must be considered.

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