Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Stamina

The main reasons behind why I want to achieve these goals are that I want to improve in my sports and heath and fitness wise. They are mainly specificity and individual needs to strive and gain more. By improving all 5 of these areas I hope to be able to improve my backhand, volleys and 1st serve in tennis moreover my shooting in football. Introduction  The main sports that I wish to improve in are Tennis and Football. My targets that I wish to achieve in the 8 weeks are my…

Fitness – being able to play a whole half in football with out getting reletivly tired. By this meaning consitaintly running and jogging Strength – being able to hit more powerful strokes in tennis with both forhand and backhand. Being bale to shoot strong with my right foot and left foot. Flexibility – being able to strech for higher balls in football and tennis and being able to reach for wide balls for example when needing to do wide archs close to splits Stamina – being able to play sports for long periods of time without getting evhusted of very tierd and able to run for long periods of time like during biatonlon runs.

And Skills – improve in aspects of strokes in tennis and foot skills in football In football I am mainly a forward striming player meaning that the most appropriate postion for me is a forward however I wish to be able to adapt to play in midfield as well. Playing in midfield requires extremtre stamina as you consistanly need to run from one half of the pitch to the other half. In tennis I mainly play behind the base line. Moreover my targets for each specific area are Fitness – be able to run school biathlon non-stop full out. Strength – be able to do around 30 push ups non-stop and 200 sit-ups non-stop.

Flexibility – be able to kick at head height and reverse kick to head height and be able to jump higher Heath related fitness – ability of your body to carry out everyday activities without excessive tiredness and still have enough energy to cope with emergencies. Skill related fitness – ability of the body to carry out set tasks effectively and efficiently. Recognition of personal strengths and weakness Personally right now I rate myself as a 7/10 person in terms of my aims. I believe that I am not totally the worst yet not totally the best at the sports I play. However I also believe that the stage that I am at is not good enough for me to play for the school team. Moreover my skill is to blame here, in result I must improve in this area.

I believe that my heath related fitness is near perfect as I am able to do everyday activities and still be very energetic through out the day. Moreover I believe that I do not have enough time to release it all. However moving on to the skill related side there is a lot to improve. For example I still have not perfected my 1st serve in a tennis match as they do not seem to be fast enough for me personally and moreover I will to improve on my top spin and back hand shot in relation to the speed and strength. Further more I wish to improve on my finishing touches in both football and tennis.

In terms of football I believe that I have most of the requirements however my skill, as in foot work, can be improved as this is my weakest area. My upper body strength also needs improvements as I often get pushed in football, upper body strength can also help my stroke in tennis. Moving on to my strengths, I believe that my speed is one of my advantages in sports as I am able to beat most people to the ball in football and get to the tennis ball in time in tennis. Moreover I believe that my agility and flexibility is also a key point of my success in terms of these sports as I am able to stop, turn, and sprint off again and more over with ease.

Discussion on target zones Overall aim My overall aim during this PEP is that I improve in my sports to an extent that I feel that it has given me an edge over people. Moreover I wish to see that it can help me perhaps everyday. I also wish to be able to work towards my Max Heart Rate which is 205. the formula for this is 220 – (my age) which is eqvanlent to 220-15 which equals to 205. My target zones will be from 123b.p.m. to 164 b.p.m. I have found this by doing the following equations

Maximum heart rate = 220 – age 220-15 = 205 b.p.m Lower end of target zone = 205 x 60% 205 x .60 = 123 b.p.m Top end of target zone = 205 x 80% 205 x 80% = 164 b.p.m Target Zone = 123 – 164 b.p.m. A target zone is used to help a person to set a heart rate during each exersice. This helps the person to improve his or her Aerobic Fitness During the course of the PEP I wish to improve of my aerobic fitness by reaching or exceeding the level of intensity required by 5% and being able to have a longer duration time. I plan to improve this by using continues and fartlek training. Method that I believe will improve my aerobic fitness is mainly running long distances and doing free weights.

An Aerobic fitness To improve on my aerobic fitness during the course of this PEP I believe that I would like to improve on how much lactic acid my body can withstand and my ATP-PC power. These will greatly improve my game as they can help me in emergencies and also can help me in the athletics side when sports day comes around in my school. I plan to improve this just like how I am planning to improve aerobic fitness however I will also do speed play as well. I believe that I can also mix the two in together. An example of this I believe is that I should finish my long distance runs with a sprint for, in terms of my school biathlon run I could sprint from the bottom of Shan Wan Drive to the top where to finishing line is.

Aerobic/Anaerobic Thresholds and percentages Training thresholds include the different heart rates at the limits of each zone. The lowest of the threshold is aerobic and the highest limit is the anaerobic threshold. Anarobic threshold = 185 Aerobic threshold = 120 Evaluation During the cost of my 8 week personal exercise program I had been able to perform most of my exercises and had fun and enjoyment through out the course. I personally feel fitter than I was before and stronger. I also have more stamina and able to run longer distances with out getting tired. I also feel that my football skills have improve rapidly through out the corse.

Moreover my storkes in tennis also feel harder and faster. An additional point to this corse is that I have also been able to improve my team work and commniacation in a game. However there have also been disappointments in my personal exercise programe. The main areas where my consistency and situations. Due to the fact that I was on holiday, I had failed to performe a few of my exercises due to outings and other family reason’s like visitng relatives and dinners. However I am very happy that I have not been stopped from my personal exersice program due to sickness. There have been minor changes to my program due to the time alvalbile and weather. The conditions in the area which I had visisted had been quite hard as I did not know the area well.

Final Summary For the past week I have enjoyed the whole of my personal exercise program. It has helped me majorly in my sports and everyday life. I have been able to improve my time in the biatonalon runs to a personal best of 12:11 and I am very sure that the next time I run I will be able to run under 11 minutes. I belvie that I had not been able to run under 11 minutes because it was my 1st run back from the holidays and I had stoped my personal exercise program for a few days.

Also the change in weather and climate may have affected my performace to a certain extent. The conditions that I have been running in compared to my biaitonon run is also very different. In terms of my football, I have been very proud of myself as I feel that I have iproved quite a lot and I am able to play for long periods without getting tired. Finally in tennis I have improved my storkes but however there is major room for improves. My 1st severs have improved slightly, hwoever I am very impressed with the spin I am able to produce. My forhand and volleys have also improved and can also be improved.

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