Muscular strength

Week 1 – During week 1 I completed my PEP twice. I managed to complete all exercises and I made sure I was working within my training zones to check that my programme was the right intensity and that I achieved overload. Week 2 – By the end of the second week I began to see some improvement in my tennis. During my individual session, I noticed that my racket head control was better and I made more backhand volleys than usual – this was due to an improvement in the muscular strength of my wrists and forearms.

Week 3 – The third week saw the principles of progression and overload put into action! I increased the weights, times and reps of the exercises in my circuit – this increased the frequency, intensity and time of my programme. Week 4 – During my tennis sessions in week 4 I noted that my core stability had improved. I hit fewer shots off balance and I was able to make more balls when my opponents forced me to play a defensive shot. Week 5 – At the end of the fifth week I noticed that my anaerobic threshold and recovery rate had improved.

During point play, I found that I was more prepared for the next point before the end of the twenty second interval. I also saw improve in the intensity of my movement and I was able to sustain a more effective contribution to the game for a longer period of time. Week 6 – The last week of my programme saw marked progression from when I began my PEP. My muscular strength in the muscle groups in my legs was noticeably better and I found that I could not only work at a higher intensity but I could get more balls back in court.

The intensity, frequency and times in my PEP sessions also showed progression and overload. GCSE PE – PEP Final Evaluation My Personal Exercise Programme has been very successful. My fitness levels have progressed and the specific aspects of fitness I choose to work on have also improved. This shows that my programme created the right amount of overload and progression and that I was working within my training zones. This has resulted in an improvement in my tennis.

My core stability is much better and I feel that it is helping me maintain a more solid foundation and transfer energy from the centre of my body out to my limbs more effectively. This means that I am able to hit more powerful strokes and remain balanced during defensive play. An improvement in the muscular endurance in my leg muscles means that I am able to work at a higher intensity during points. My footwork and movement around the court has improved as a result and I am able to sustain a more effective contribution to the game.

The increased muscular strength in my wrists and forearms has resulted in increased racket head control and speed. This means that I am able to generate more spin and I have seen a direct improvement in the technique of my backhand volley. Finally, I have also improved my anaerobic fitness levels. As a result, I have been able to recover more quickly between points and during longer rallies I have been able to maintain a higher level of intensity. This means that I am now making fewer unforced errors, improving the efficiency of my game.

In conclusion, I believe that my PEP has been a great success and I have achieved my goal! I think that it has shown me how choosing the correct training methods can make a difference to your sport and it has shown me what I need to do to improve in the future. If I were to repeat the process again I would like to include more variation in my programme. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed completing my Personal Exercise Program and I am very pleased with the result!

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Overall I enjoyed completing the training sessions and I am very pleased with the way that my fitness has improved during the course of the PEP. I feel that the weight training has increased my muscular strength and my overall …

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