Circuit Training-GCSE PE

Arm dips- to improve my arm strength. I was going to do one and a half minutes worth of sit ups, but when I tried it when I was practising I found this very hard and tiring. I have now changed it to a fixed load of 20 arm dips. This will help me in netball because you need strong arms as your constantly passing the ball. It is also helpful for shooting. Footwork- this is to improve my netball footwork. I will do one and half minutes. Whilst someone else is having their throwing skills, I’ll be doing my footwork. In netball, I always move my feet in the wrong way, and I don’t land correctly.

Burpees- to improve my leg strength. It is a combination of squat thrusts and star jumps. My leg strength is not very good. This will help me in netball because you run around a lot and need to have strong legs to jump. I will do a fixed load of 7 burpees. Chest passes- to improve my throwing/catching skills. One and a half minutes worth of sit ups. My throwing in netball is poor because I don’t throw the ball with enough force when I am playing. Also the ball always seems to slip out of my hands when thrown at me.

Bench presses- to improve my arm strength. 20 bench presses. This will help me in netball because my throwing and shooting skills are not so good and I need power in my arms when I am shooting the ball. Co-ordination- to improve my co-ordination because in the alternate ball toss test, I was very slow and kept dropping the ball. I need this skill in netball because you need co-ordination as you are using your hands and feet, and judging distances.

Sit-ups- this is to improve my abdomen strength. 1-minute worth of sit-ups. Although this is not specific to netball, this will improve my general fitness. Shooting- this is to improve my shooting because I’m not so good in shooting. I will stand 2 metres in front of the shoot and shoot 10 shots, I will then stand 2 metres to the right and shoot 5 shots, after that I will stand 2 metres to the left and also shoot 5 shots. I will be very tired, so I will want a skill activity.

Rest time; 2 minutes between each circuit. To make it harder for me over the 6-week period, I shall; Increase the time for each activity, increase the intensity for the activity, and reduce my rest period. I shall give myself about 45 seconds between each station, so I can move myself up to the next station and set myself up. I will do my circuit twice for each lesson. GCSE PE -Circuit training programme- Planning; The purpose of my PE circuit programme is mainly to improve my shooting, co-ordination, arm/leg strength, and throwing/catching skills. This is because theses are the areas I feel I need more work on. The aim of my programme in relation to my performance levels is realistic for me and also not too difficult for me.

The equipment I am going to use is benches, balls, stopwatches, and mats. There are no serious safety aspects I will need to take into consideration for this programme, except making sure that all the equipment is in restored order and is safe. I think the activities I have chosen are appropriate for me because they are testing the areas I feel I need most work on. The main purpose of my exercise is to increase my fitness levels.

The techniques I will use to improve my fitness is, over the weeks I am going to progress in the activities and I will increase my loads. I am going to do my circuit programme in late winter. I haven’t exercised much as we had a Christmas break, and I have been doing a lot of desk work. Also in the middle of my six-week training programme, I will have a half term break. These reasons have and will bring my general fitness levels down.

The activities in my circuit are appropriate for me. In the six-week period, I shall progress in the circuit and make it harder for me. I shall increase my fixed loads gradually, but making sure I don’t change the time. I will not overload my body too much and will set myself realistic targets for me to achieve. For some of my activities, I shall keep the duration longer and increase the fixed load. For other activities, I shall simply make them last longer to make myself work harder. To keep boredom low, I will bring in a personal stereo and listen to music. This is because it will help in blocking out most of the hard work I will actually be doing.

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