PE Circuit Training

In my training circuit I will need to consider the five principles of training which are: Specificity Specificity is when you concentrate on a specific type of exercise to improve or build upon certain parts of the sport which you are training for. This will be put into practise on every station of my circuit as each station will be specified to meet the demands of my certain sport. Progression Progression means increasing the rate training to enhance performance. In my circuit I will start of with a few light warm ups but as the training goes on I will increase the speed and intensity of the circuits for example I will put the easy and less physically demanding activities first then towards the end I will add the more physically demanding ones such as press ups. This will improve help to improve my stamina.


Overload is when you are working in your threshold and this is where you are most likely to improve by making you’re muscles work harder and putting greater demands on your body. To achieve overload and to make my training circuit push me to the limit I will have to make my circuit hard to do this I will increase the pace in which I do each activity. Overload is one of the key things that make you improve on your strength or fitness. When you are working in between 60-80% of your natural heart rate this point is where exercise is demanding enough to have an affect on the body therefore I need to make sure my training circuit is demanding enough.

Reversibility Reversibility is when you stop training and you’re body becomes weaker and less fit. There for I will have to make sure this doesn’t occur during my circuit as it will affect my final results and my fitness. To stop this occurring I will do the circuit every week. Tedium To make my training circuit successful I will need to make sure its not too tedious.I need to keep it as interesting as possible in order to make myself perform to my full potential. I will do this by making each station a reasonable time and make sure I don’t repeat anything in the circuit. I will also try and make it competitive as this will also make me perform to my full potential.

Aspects of Fitness For my chosen sport of football, I have decided to improve the following aspects of fitness; agility, speed, strength and co-ordination. I have chosen these aspects as I believe they are the key things needed in football and are the things I know I can improve on. To improve on these aspects I will design an appropriate training circuit. My training circuit will consist of ten stations each will last 45 seconds. I will perform my training circuit over 6 weeks. For the first three weeks I will do my circuit once a week then the next three I will do it twice. By starting of at doing my circuit once a week for the first 3 weeks then doing it twice for the last 3 weeks I hope to improve on my fitness and stamina.

Below are the aspects my circuit will be aiming to improve: Agility Agility is the ability to change direction quickly and still keep control of the whole body. Agility is used in football for such things as Dribbling and various skills. I feel I need to improve at this because I want to improve my dribbling. To test my agility I will do the Illinois test. Speed Speed is the fastest rate at which a person can complete a task or cover a certain distance. Speed is used in football for intercepting passes and beaten your opponent to the ball. A test for this is shuttle runs. Coordination Co-ordination is the ability to use two or more parts of the body at the same time. This is used for most things such as passing, crossing and shooting because they all involve using your eyes and feet.

Strength Strength is the ability of a muscle to apply force and overcome resistance. It is needed in the majority of things on football such as Tackling, heading and running. To test my strength I will do several things such as press ups and sit ups. Aerobic Capacity Aerobic Capacity allows us to keep going at a moderate level. Oxygen is needed as the muscles need oxygen to contract. Oxygen gets to the muscles through the circularity system. Aerobic capacity is used over a long period of time so this will be required in my circuit as it is over a long period of time

Training Circuit Warming Up Before I start my training circuit I will have to warm up. By warming up I am loosening my muscles, joints and raising my pulse rate nearer to the working rate therefore reducing the chance of injury. My warm up will last 5 minutes and will consist of 1 min jogging, 1 min high knees, 1 min heels to bottom, 1 min high skipping then I will finish by doing some stretches using the SAQ methods. Cool Down After I have finished my circuit training I will do a cool down. By doing this I will cut down the risk of injury and stop cramp and stiffness after exercise. The cool down will consist on a 1-2 minute gentle jog followed by various stretches to help me cool down. Also by cooling down it will make my recovery rate alto quicker.

Checking Pulse Rate Before I begin my circuit I will need to check my pulse rate both before and after exercise. I will continue to take my pulse rate every minute after exercise until it returns to my original rate. By doing this I will be able to see how my fitness has changed depending on whether my pulse rate has speeded up or slowed down. I will record my pulse rate so I will be able to compare it at the end of the 6 weeks.

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