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The first fault in my diet for this day is that I did not have breakfast. This greatly affects my ability to concentrate during the day, and also my physical performance. My lunch was high in fat, but also contained some green salad and vegetables. My supper was better which contained a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat and also contained vegetables. I did not drink enough water for this day however, which affects my concentration too. This day came to approximately 3200 calories, which is over the recommended amount for my age.

Monday My breakfast was good for Monday, as it contained healthy carbohydrates to last me until lunchtime, and also liquid in the form of juice and coffee. The juice and the grapes also contributed as two of my five a day. However, my lunch was very unhealthy, and included a lot of fat and salt as it was from a fast food restaurant. My supper was better, and was balanced and in moderation. I also had plenty of water on Monday. This day came to approximately 3000 calories, which is also over my RDA.

Tuesday My diet for Tuesday was reasonably balanced and healthy, ad I started with some carbohydrate, but also some sugar in the jam. I also had juice giving me liquid, but also coffee which is a diuretic. My lunch was curry, which is quite salty but I also had two glasses of water. However, I had no fruit or vegetables at lunch. My supper was very good with little fat, some carbohydrate and also protein and some water. Once again however I had not fruit or vegetables. This day came to approximately 2700, which is very close to my recommended consumption.

Wednesday My breakfast on Wednesday contained too much fat and salt in comparison to the amount of fruit and vegetables that I ate, of which there were none. My lunch also contained too much fat, sugar and salt and once again no fruit and vegetables, but plenty of water. I also had too much salt for supper, and the shop-bought chicken sandwich was very salty too. I also had very sugary coke, and no water. Wednesday came to approximately 2500 calories, which is slightly lower than my RDA.

Thursday My breakfast also contained too much salt and fat on Thursday, and very little liquid, which was a bad start to the day. I then didn’t have any lunch because I had two clubs at school, which meant I had no time. This will have had an effect on my afternoon performance at school. At supper I ate better, with a balance of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables, and also drunk plenty of water. This day came to approximately 2500 calories, as I did not have lunch that day.

Friday I didn’t eat any breakfast on Friday, which will have affected my mental performance that morning. At lunch I ate a well-balanced meal with plenty of water and the same goes for supper. Friday came to approximately 2400 calories, which is much lower than my RDA, which could have affected my performance.

Saturday I had a good source of carbohydrate for breakfast, but I didn’t consume enough water. At lunch however, I did not have any fruit or vegetables, and I didn’t have any supper at all because I was out that evening. My calorie intake for Saturday was once again too low at 2500 calories, as I didn’t have supper that day.

Summary In general I don’t eat too much and I have a balanced, healthy diet. However, I often don’t drink enough water, and sometimes don’t have enough fruit and vegetables, sometimes none at all. These are two things that I need to improve upon as they both affect me during the day, especially water, which greatly changes my concentration levels.

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