Sports and exercise science

Roles – teach the children at a high level and bring out the best in them. Also meet a target of how may children will pass the course. Responsibilities – You need to be patient and be able to deal with young people and their various needs. Look after the children and keep them safe also make sure bullying does not take place. Skills – You need to be organized, and have good communication skills. Qualifications – Three-year degree in sport science or sport studies. Also hold a one-year postgraduate certificate in education. You must have got grade C or above in English, math’s and science.

BETC national diploma in sports and exercise science The jobs above require the qualifications in order to be able to succeed in getting the job. The qualification are more advanced depending on which job you seek to get. For instance a teacher requires 3 year degree and a 1 year post graduate teaching course. Also prior to that 2 year a level course. All in all 6 years of studying. This is as the job is at a high level and requires a vast knowledge of the subject.

If you fail to teach correctly the consequences will be your class failing there exams. Now compare this to a swim teacher this job requires you to have RLSS certificate which you can get in a week. This is as you don’t need a great deal of knowledge, but the consequences can still be bad if you are not responsible when it comes to safety just like any job. This shows that the better job you will require better qualifications which will properly take longer to achieve. Here is a why you will need these qualifications in order to get the job. 1. Swim teacher- to become a swim teacher you will need a national swimming certificate. This is because you need to understand how to teach the clients how to swim also being able to rescue any people who are struggling during the activity.

2. Sports coach- in order to coach you will need to have passed your community sports leader’s award. This is so you can have a good understanding of a Varity of sports and be able to improvise and make up new exciting games if necessary. Also be able to organize large groups of children and help them to enjoy their time with you. If possible teach the children too by using games that represent every day life problems. 3. Leisure assistant- This job requires you to have a RLSS qualification. This is as the leisure club has a swimming pool and in case of an emergency you must be able to rescue to person from the pool and perform first aid on them too. This qualification means that you are a fully qualified life guard.

4. Football coach- To be able to apply for this job you must have a UEFA B license in coaching this is the second best coaching badge you can have. You need this as you will need to have a great deal of knowledge of football and superb manager skills. To pass the course you must understand all tactics and rules of the game, be able to develop your player’s skills in football. 5. Personal trainer- This job requires that you have a diploma in fitness instructing. This means you would have had two years of studying of equipment, tests and how to motivate your client. Also diet programs would have been taught so the person could write you an eating plan too.

6. Tennis coach- To have a chance of getting the job you must have the required qualification. You must be DAC qualified which means you have taken tests to see if you are able to coach children, you must have no criminal record and have excellent communication skills in order to pass the test. They ask for at least two years experience this is as you will have good knowledge of the sport and will be more experienced than others. 7. Special needs coach- This job requires you having a higher sports leader award. This allows you to be able to plan sessions with young children and invent new and exciting games. They also ask for two years experience this is so you know what you are doing and what need much training.

8. Lifeguard- This job requires that you have RLSS certificate. You need this certificate so you can, rescue people in danger understand the rules in and around the pool and have strong swimming skills to perform when needed. A first aid course is also required in case you need to attend to any medical injury that may occur. 9. Gym / Fitness Instructor- The job requires that you have three A levels in sports exercise science. This is so you will have an excellent understanding of equipment and know the correct way to use each machine. First aid course is also required so you can perform first aid to anyone if needed.

10. Community Sports Coach- This job asks that you have a level 2 coaching award. This is so you are good with kids and can relate to them through the coaching. Also allows you to organize large group of children with different types of sport safely. 11. Sports massage therapist- The job requires you to have a sports massage diploma. This is so you have a great deal of knowledge of the body muscles, the injuries caused and how the heal and prevent them.

12. Sports nutritionist- The qualifications need is a three year degree in diet nutritionist. This means you will have a vast knowledge of different foods that will be good depending on the performers sport. Will also mean you will be able to write nutrition plan for people who are ill or pregnant. 13. Sports grounds man- The job asks you to have a NVQ in turf management. This qualification will mean you understand the different types of turf and are able to repair any divots or dying grass.

14. Sports retailer- This job requires you to have a GNVQ in business or leisure studies. This is so you can tell customers about different equipment and find a product that will suit them best. It also makes you understand business and be able to increase the profit your shop takes for instance linked sales. If you are selling football boots try and sell dubin to protect them. 15. Sports teacher- The job requires you to have a degree is sports science also grade C or above in science, maths and English. This is so you are educated to a high level and can pass on your knowledge to other people and provide them with different learning activities.

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