Some of the heart diseases

High blood pressure is a condition which is associated with the complications of the blood pressure. It’s also referred to as hypertension and is a medical condition which looks at how the blood pressure in the body operates. The usage of the term hypertension is a reference to the interruption of the systematic flow of the blood in the arteries and veins. High blood pressure can be categorized as primary and secondary. High blood pressure which is considered primary is an essential blood pressure in the sense that there are no specific medical symptoms found for a doctor to comprehend.

Secondary blood pressure is considered to have its cause from another condition like kidney diseases and paraganglioma. There are several factors which are so much related to high blood pressure and these factors include things like heart attacks, stroke and heart failures. High blood pressure is a condition which is considered very severe and easily kills considering the factors which are associated with it. A frequent attack by high blood pressure reduces the life expectancy of an individual since the diseases attacks the tissues in the body which are responsible for aging.

Unless someone gets good treatment there is a chance that high blood pressure can cause death at an early date. Atherosclerosis is another condition which is associated with the heart difficulties. This refers to a syndrome which affects the arterial blood vessels. It’s a severe inflammatory response in the walls of the vessels walls and also the arteries walls and this is due to the accumulation of the microphage white blood cells and plasma proteins that carry cholesterol otherwise termed as high density lipoproteins.

This causes disturbances in the arteries and thus a serious condition in the heart system as a whole. The anatomy of these disturbances are referred to as athermanous plague and is divided into three distinct components; the underlying regions of the cholesterol crystals, calcification of the outer lining base of lesions and the antheroma which is a yellowish material in the center of larger plagues.

Atherosclerosis causes the hardening of the arteries which in turn causes the disturbance in the flow of blood and thus a serious problem in the heart system and the problems can be either clots inside the artery which causes ruptures, and this condition when it heals will leave behind the shrinking and narrowing and even closing of the artery and thus leading to insufficient blood flowing to the tissues and the organ as a whole. If the process of compensating artery process is excessive then it will lead to very severe problems normally death.

The complications of the advanced atherosclerosis is chronic and develop slowly over a short period of time and then condition will range from ruptures which cause the formation of thrombus that will rapidly stop the blood flow. The other complication is that it can lead to the death of cells and this is said to take only five minutes, the most recorded cases are coronary thrombosis which is a condition that causes heart attack. One other severe causes of atherosclerosis is the blockage of the artery which supplies blood to the brain and thus causes stroke which is a condition commonly called stroke.

This condition is very serous since the mind is considered the most critical part of the body and its interference will cause a lapse in the body system. There are other major cardiovascular diseases which normally affect the individual. Cardiovascular diseases refer to the group of diseases that affect the heart and this includes the channels through which the blood passes through i. e. the blood capillaries, the blood vessels and the arteries.

Cardiovascular diseases have similar causes, symptoms and the treatment is very similar for all of them. The only difference is that the treatment is normally focused in the organ which is affected. There are groups of cardiovascular doctors and may be cardiologists, thoracic surgeons and neurologists. This is to the basis of the organs they treat. (Lawton, 2009 pp 350) Cardiovascular diseases generally are very serious depending on the intensity and the time the individual has been carrying the disease in the body.

Each year cardiovascular diseases are known to kill several people and the trend in America for example is that it kills more people than even cancer. Other countries also experience a higher death rate due to these diseases. A research has shown that cardiovascular diseases are normally felt from the early ages of life of an individual normally during adolescence where it accumulates making primary prevention efforts necessary from childhood. By the time the diseases are discovered in someone’s body it will have caused severe effects which are so hard to be treated.

Though the dangers of cardiovascular diseases are very immense there is a new way of treatment which is being used currently and it involves changing the risk factors with which we are exposed all the time and these changes include doing exercises, having a health diet and avoidance of smoking harmful substances like cigarettes. There is a need to know about cardiac diseases and how the occur because it’s fundamental in the continuation of our lives.

Without having the proper understanding about this problem then we will be exposed to the risks which will bring about the dangers leading to contracting cardiac diseases. So many people contracted cardiac diseases not because of their liking but because they did not have the knowledge about it. We really need to verse ourselves with some important facts about heart diseases even if there is no sign of an individual that he has these diseases. If we had the knowledge that about 52M people suffer from high blood pressure.

About 13M suffer from coronary heart disease then we would not be having ourselves contracting these diseases because then we would know the effects of these diseases and the causes. Other statistics which we need to know are that every year heart attack happens to approximately 7m people and another 7m experience chest pains due to the blockage of the blood vessels. Its worth noting also that so many people are ignorant about having these diseases and statistics has shown that about forty percent of people with high blood pressure do not even know that they have it.

This makes these people so hard to treat themselves because they only realize when it’s too late and the treatment at that particular time is almost hard. Its reported that about 50% of the patients with these diseases stay for quite along time without getting help because they are ignorant of the effects of this diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are very serious diseases which are considered killer diseases and they need to be taken with a lot of seriousness. (Lawton, 2009 pp 350)

Other facts we need to know about in reference to cardiac vascular diseases are the types of these diseases, the causes of these diseases, treatment and how to prevent them. With knowledge of all these there will be a reduction in the number of people with these diseases and that those already with the diseases will be treated on time and thus save lives. Women are very susceptible to heart diseases and there is a great need for the women to really understand more about the effects and general information about this disease.

There are about 34% of women who die every year as a result of heart diseases in the world. The reasons underlying this are the fact that women are exposed to risks which determine so much the contraction of heart diseases. Number one risk is smoking but this factor has more effects on the men than women. Number two is the pressure of blood in a human’s body, third reason is the level of blood cholesterol and diabetes and the family history of premature coronary heart disease follow in this order of the most well known risks associated with the cause of heart diseases.

Women are also affected so much by their age. About 35% of women over the age of 50 suffer from heart diseases and this shows that this condition increases in the postmenopausal women. Women therefore are very sensitive in terms of them contracting heart diseases and there fore this knowledge is very important especially for these groups. Heart attacks and the diseases which are related to the heart are very much due to the measure of the percentage of CK in the body. A rise in the measure of CK in the blood indicates that there has been muscle damage or is in the process of occurring.

This is normally an indication to show that the person is suffering from the disease of the heart or not. There are so many predispositions about CK and one is from parents who really why their children had higher levels of CK when they were young and had a more muscular function. This contradiction has caused some researchers to belief that its because of rapid muscle degeneration at earlier stages and therefore there was much muscle bulk required to release CK for circulation everytime.

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