Evaluation of heart damage by measuring chemicals in the blood

The use of the modern methods of treatment of diseases like the use of CK-MB and the troponin tests is currently the proven strategy used in most hospitals. The prescription practices which have for along time been used are being replaced by these new methods. Its imperative to study these new methods which are products found in the blood of individuals. The study makes us to ask ourselves why we need to use these methods yet the old methods which can treat the heart diseases. In trying to answer this question we need to understand that there are several diseases which affect the heart and are really coming up in the recent years.

We need to understand that these diseases have taken a different form and that they are not like the past diseases which the old methods used to cure. The aim of this study is to determine the practices of using the current methods of treatment of the heart diseases and the relationship between these methods of use for treatment. Several doctors still undergo several researches to find out the traces associated with the diseases of the heart and they are coming up with the best methods of this treatment. We start our study by looking at some of the diseases which are so much recognized and are said to be treated by the most current methods.

These diseases are very dangerous if the individual is found to live with it for a long time and can easily lead to death if not treated on time. We focus on the symptoms of these diseases and the basic causes which are very much known by many people but have been ignored therefore so many people still are suffering yet they know about these heart diseases. Introduction Cardiac damage refers to the diseases that affect the heart thus causing damage to the tissues which the heart constitutes. These diseases are characterized by very low supply of blood to the heart muscles thus causing problems with the heart.

Cardiac damage is majorly caused by high cholesterol levels, smoking, age, high blood pressure and hypertension also known as high blood pressure. Most of these problems are mostly common in men and are known to be occurring to those who are close to the carriers of these diseases and those relatives with these diseases. Symptoms of these diseases include acute chest pain which is due to the damage of the tissues of the heart and this is normally felt in extreme cold weather conditions and when someone is exposed to a lot of stress. This condition leads to the decreased perseverance to exercises.

Complications like coronary syndrome and myocardial infarction are normally very severe complications which are normally treated in emergency hospitals in big hospitals. Normally the blood tests are used to identify the heart muscle damage since they are considered heart markers. These conditions are either rated to be severe or not when this situation is exposed and when the damage is found to be severe then its regarded as very severe chest pains. At this stage the patient is taken to have a major cardiac damage which can be very dangerous because the eventuality can be heart failure and its finality will be death.

Heart failure patients are normally tested by testing the stress or performing coronary angiography. These two tests are normally done to identify the possible threats that underlie the heart diseases. Heart failures are normally due to the inability of enough supply of oxygen to the heart especially during the time when there is demand of oxygen in the heart. It’s important to note that the problems caused by the heart complications are very much felt and are severe in some cases. High blood pressure is on of these conditions.

Blood pressure refers to the force by unit area exerted by moving blood in the walls of the capillaries and blood vessels. Most cardiac vascular problems are associated with the circulation of the blood along the vessels in the body and thus blood pressure is very fundamental element in the study of cardiovascular diseases. The flow of the blood from the capillaries, the blood vessels, the arteries and the veins form a fundamental theory in the blood system of the body and thus the heart is very much dependent on the regular flow of the blood.

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