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She was working in a management role caring for children of varying age range including babies, toddlers, pre-school children and school aged children. Before she was a supervisor she was able to do the supervision of the nursery and supervise staff working in your area of responsibility, ensuring children act regulations are followed and Ofsted standards are met. As a supervisor she will have to working with the Nursery Manager in the planning of staff rotas and breaks ensuring recommended ratios are maintained.

To actively participate in the care and supervision of the children’s timetable and co-ordinate a varied programme of activities and play opportunities that are safe and stimulating, suitable to the children’s stage of development, promoting positive behaviour and desirable learning outcomes, Carrying out necessary administration and record keeping, including registers, observations and reports, incident report forms and accident report form. Induct parents/carers to the Nursery and to work with parents over the care of their children and encourage their active participation in the activities of the Nursery.

She as the nursery supervisor has to lead and encourage the staff to work in a team environment including scheduling of staff meetings to ensure there is proper supervision at meal times and that any special dietary requirements are met. She has to administer first aid when necessary and complete relevant documentation like Accident report book. The nursery supervisor works with the Nursery Manager and brings to their attention any relevant matters in connection with the running of the Nursery.

What is the work like?

She thinks working as a nursery supervisor can be a lot of fun, extremely rewarding and also very demanding and not to mention tiring. She has to work with individual children, small groups or the whole class. As a nursery supervisor, she will be working in a nursery, a school or a private home, looking after children up to the age of eight. She’ll be responsible for the care and safety of a child while their parents are at work, but she’ll also be part of the fun stuff as well, organising learning activities to keep kids entertained.

Working with the young as a supervisor, or in an educational role, can be challenging and rewarding, but it needs something serious from her – lots of energy, enthusiasm, patience and a high level of commitment. If she’s working in a nursery, it’s more than likely that she’ll be working shifts so that parents can drop off children on their way to and from work. It can get a bit noisy, but she’ll never get bored.

As the supervisor, she is responsible of promoting certain values which are important to both the care practitioner and the client. These values form the basis for a set of ‘principles’ that help car workers to give the kind of care that each individual requires. Principle is a basic guide to follow in life as to the right way to behave. For example, you should try to treat everyone fairly because you believe it is the right thing to do and that it is important to behave that way. She encourages clients by:

1. Maintaining confidentiality of information. She has to make sure that the service has a secure recording system that stores the record of all the clients that attend that service. When things are stored on the system about somebody, it is the right of the person to know what has been stored about them if it is right or wrong so that upgrading can be done if there is any to be done. Records about a client can’t be passed outside of the four wall of the building where the service is located without the person knowing because that is stealing and breaking confidentiality which can be a crime.

She has to make sure that each client is valued and well protected when they arrive at the service because when the client a sent to the service it is their responsibility to make sure that they are safe and protected from all dangers. She has to set policies, procedures and guidelines for the clients to follow and make sure that they are being followed. The parents of the children have to read the policies of the service and make sure that are all being followed.

She has to make sure that there is no discrimination in the service. There can be different types of discrimination and they include; Age discrimination- some of them might think of others as being very young. Discrimination can creep into our thinking if we think of some age group as being the best or if we make the assumption about the abilities of different age groups.  Gender discrimination- in the past men often had more rights than women and was seen as more important. Religion discrimination- people grow up in different religion. For some, people spiritual beliefs are at the centre of their understanding of life. She has to make sure that in the service none of these sorts of discriminations takes place in fact no discrimination should take place at all.

All care work is about improving the client’s quality of life by meeting people’s intellectual, emotional and social needs, as well as their physical needs. One way of doing this is for care practitioners to empower their clients. Care practitioners …

My client, Justin Timberlake is very determined to improve on his PIES and lifestyle over all. Personally I think he is going to struggle to follow his diet plan in the first two weeks, but hopefully at the end; he …

These are the seven care values that Greengables has to follow. The consequences to the care value base not being used correctly have to be considered for the clients benefit. The first care value is promoting anti-discriminatory practice, Greengables overcome this …

Primary health care is normally the first point of contact with the health care system, often through a family physician. It is at this stage that promotion and education efforts are undertaken and one of the outcomes for any health …

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