How care workers apply the care value base

These are the seven care values that Greengables has to follow. The consequences to the care value base not being used correctly have to be considered for the clients benefit. The first care value is promoting anti-discriminatory practice, Greengables overcome this by understanding no two people are the same, allowing the clients to have the own opinions and beliefs and valuing the diversity of clients; having no judgements against anyone of a certain race, gender, age, class or disability; they accept everyone.

Greengables also have to follow policies that are in place to make sure clients are looked after properly and their confidentiality is maintained. An example of unfair discrimination could be used is if a Care worker didn’t respect a clients belief or opinion, was rude or hostile towards a client or used a certain tone of voice which is not suitable towards the clients if they are of a certain age, gender, race, orientation, disability or class. The effects that discrimination could have on the victim are, stress, living in fear of particular care workers, losing a sense of who he/she is and that their opinions or beliefs do not count or are wrong, withdrawal from activities within the nursing home, a feeling of low self-worth or depression and anxiety.

The second care value is maintaining confidentiality of information; Greengables conquer this by keeping all written things in a filing system locked away and by every care worker understanding that they cannot pass this information to anyone outside of the nursing home. Sometimes it is necessary to tell a manager or another person in charge about clients personal details but it wouldn’t be following the care value base if a care worker told the client they wouldn’t tell anybody then had to because it is defying against the clients trust, the care worker must tell the client that it might be important to share the information with other care workers or authorities. If the care value, maintaining confidentiality of information was not followed then the client might keep things to themselves from then on, they might feel they cannot trust the care worker anymore and that they do not matter and they might feel they are not safe within Greengables anymore.

The third care value is promoting and supporting individuals’ rights, Greengables value every client as a different individual, entitle them to their own choice of where they would like to eat etc and allow them to go where they want to go. Greengables encourages the clients to be as independent as possible by asking them their opinion about things first or asking them if they’d like to do something or go somewhere or join in on activity before they take them, if a client can’t get in the bath but can wash themselves on their own then the staff help them into the bath but leave them to wash by themselves just with supervision; Greengables have to think about both their own and the clients health and safety first.

They also think the clients should have their own say and beliefs but ask them to be responsible and respect other clients. An example of this care value not being followed would be if a care worker didn’t ask the client there opinion and did everything for them, like bathing, feeding, moving around the home even if the client was able to do it by themselves. The consequences to this care value being abused could be a client feeling they have no independence anymore and that they have to rely on the care workers constantly it may make them feel that their own home is a better place and it might also make them feel they have no dignity anymore or lose their sense of self-worth.

The fourth care value is acknowledging individuals’ personal beliefs and identity, Greengables accept that every client is different but treating them the same, they have to understand that the clients have different opinions and they accept each client for who they are and don’t criticise them for what they believe in. Greengables do this by letting the clients wear they like to wear, spending their spare time how they like and letting them be addressed how they prefer to be addressed.

An example of this would be if a client belonged to a religion with certain beliefs on how to dress then a clients would be allowed to dress like this as long as it was suitable and didn’t affect the other clients. Skilled care workers should get to know the clients and how the client needs to be treated this way the care worker can treat the client differently but not in a prejudiced way. This could cause the client to feel unhappy and unwanted, maybe racially abused if that is the case.

The fifth care value is protecting individuals from abuse, Greengables have courses which care workers have to do before qualifying for Greengables and train staff to report any suspected neglect or abuse towards any clients. Greengables protect clients from abuse by reporting any bruises or marks etc on a client whether it looks suspicious or not or telling a supervisor/manager if a client confided in staff about some kind of abuse. Abuse might happen because the care worker might lose their temper or patience with one of the clients or because of discrimination or prejudice due to certain groups or individuals being different from the abuser, it is a clients right for the care workers to treat them right and have someone stop it if it does happen.

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