Care workers

This centre also follows the principle of negative feedback and stimulates a change in respiration when receptors in the blood sense a decrease or increase in the amount of circulation carbon-dioxide. In order to measure our breathing process by which the body gain and get rid of carbon dioxide. Breathing rate is measured by watching the movement of the chest-one breath in (inspiration) and one breath out (expiration) are counted as one respiration.

Observation: when measuring breathing rate, it should be counted for a full minute. Occasionally may be shallow, so it may be necessary (with permission) to rest your hand light on the person’s chest. Peak flow is normally used to measure a method of measuring lungs function. Observation these are observed the speed of an exhalation and also indicate the width of the bronchial. To look at other physical sign the service user may be showing. When taking vital reading from the service user it is important that care worker observed the affects of respiration (breathing)

The care workers require must be able to use measured apparatus and test procedure correctly. A nurse has to able to measure blood pressure accurately. Apparatus might include x-ray and scanning equipment. Digestive system The Digestive system is the complex series of organs and a gland that processes food from the mouth to the anus in excrete waste metabolic organ in our body. The control of blood sugar level in our body follows negative feedback loop. This control centre here in the pancreases where receptors monitor the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream and hormones control the correct balance. The body respond after a meal (i.e. high blood sugar level) and when hungry (i.e. low blood sugar level).

Blood glucose level (sugar) – This is usually done for service users who have diabetes. It monitors how effective the pancreas is at producing and using the hormone insulin. The blood sugar level is the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood, express as (mmo1/1). Observation -To check the blood sugar level: care worker should put a small amount of blood on a test strip; place the strip into the glucose meter. After about 30 second it will display the blood glucose level. It is important that when care worker are measuring/observing the service user it must look at the service user for!

Body Temperature

The temperature of the body needs to be kept fairly stable as dramatic changes can seriously affect the body’s systems, Body temperature can be measured using a thermometer place in the mouth or armpit. Measurement will be Monitor effectively the homeostatic mechanisms that controlled in your body. Temperature is normally measured in different ways as well as different place to detect the effectiveness of fever-reducing medication, detect fever, and detect abnormally low body temperature (hypothermia) in people who have been exposed to cold/heat. Though the body temperature measured on an individual can vary, a healthy human body can maintain a fairly consistent body temperature that is around the mark of 37.0 degrees.

When people are ill or are admitted to a hospital or care establish, it may not always be clear what is wrong with them. Taking a full medical history and range of measurements, will help doctor to diagnose and treat any condition that is presents. The measurement taken helps us to establish which are within normal rages. Observation is also an important aspect of care work. a lot of information can be gained simply by observing a service user this can be very important and is of relevance.

Health and safety If the equipment being used is electrically operated, care should be taken to ensure the safety of clients. Care worker must check all monitoring devices for faulty wires, malfunction and loose or faulty plugs and sockets. If a pieces of equipment is faulty, it should be transfer from others, reported immediately, both verbally and in writing, it must ensure that they did not used it in patient and must kept away in case of accident or some one used it without knowing. Most piece of equipment have instruction booklet and these should be used only for that specific piece of equipment.

Clinical thermometers must be sterilized in an antiseptic solution before use. Nurses must ensure that the instruments are properly washed and in good condition in order to secure the life and safety of their client or patient also to avoid sickness: AIDs, HIVs. For example doctors want to do one patient operation Hand washing is one of the most important and easy ways to minimise the possibility of cross-infection. Conclusion I have understood the routine measurement and how they are observed in my two body systems that have chosen clearly. I know that as a care worker you should make sure when measuring service user, care worker

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