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My client, Justin Timberlake is very determined to improve on his PIES and lifestyle over all. Personally I think he is going to struggle to follow his diet plan in the first two weeks, but hopefully at the end; he will come to a stage where he will slowly get used to the idea. In order for my client to follow the diet plan I have made sure that I did not add too much food, this will be too hard for him, also very different. I know that my client will find it difficult and uncomfortable.

Many people who are underweight and feel that they need to lose more weight have problems for they do not know the facts. This is why I am going to make sure that my client comes to understand why it is important to follow my diet plan. If he does not this will cause him to become anorexic in the near future which will make it even more difficult for him to adjust to a normal lifestyle. The only thing my client needs to do to improve his diet is to make sure that he adds some fatty food in to his diet to make it balanced.

I have suggested that my client goes to the gym at least three times a week. This will build up his social and physical needs. He will get more practises and hopefully improve on his exercising. He will find it easier to socialise with the people at the gym and not feel afraid of what they would think. Physically my client would look good and not too skinny. His body will get exercise and this will cause him to become fit slowly by slowly. I have also written on my clients exercise plan that he should play football with his friends on Sundays. This will help all his pies, as he intellectually will be determined to do good to win, emotionally it will test if he gets upset for losing or happy if he scores.

Socially he will have a good time with his friends and maybe meet new people during the game. Physically his body will get exercise. And he will become more confident. “I have to be honest and state that I am feeling much better after following the diet and exercise plan. Finally I am beginning to stress less and my lifestyle has improved a lot in the past few weeks. I am very happy, because I have stuff to do to keep myself busy and my days go with out me having problems. Socially I am getting along with my friends more and majority of the time I am in a good mood. We have been going out and I feel more comfortable to go out with them and eat without feeling awkward.

Emotionally I have been feeling better about myself; also I am really close to my family more than before. By eating properly has made me become closer to my girlfriend. Intellectually I am doing a great job at the library. It is worth it, as I only work part time; this does not interfere with me spending time with my girlfriend. I am becoming better at exercising without getting tired very easily, for I have been practising more and more and worked to the best of my ability, I pasted myself and found out it was much better that way. My body is looking much better physically. Also I have eventually quit smoking. I am very happy to know I am very becoming healthier and smoking will not interfere with emotional and physical status.

For me to carry on having a good lifestyle I have to make sure that I follow the diet plan and exercise plan. It is clear to me now what I need to do and why. I am very thankful to my personal advisor, as she has helped me a lot to become a better person and live a better life. I also appreciate all the help from my family.” Signature: Justin Timberlake My point of view Over the last couple of weeks, I can see that my client has worked very hard to achieve a better lifestyle. In the first few weeks, my client did not feel confident to carry out any of the activities that were planned for him. He took part in some of the activities, such as exercising regularly without hesitation but did not paste himself, which made him tired very easily.

However, doing the weekly reports it made me realise that my client has made a big progress on his lifestyle. He has been taking the advice that I have given him, which shows that he is feeling more confident in life, intellectually. Physically, my client has been thinking about ways for his body to look good; this is why he has chosen to follow my diet plan, which contains more fat as he is aiming to put on weight to look fit and not too skinny for his age and height. Emotionally, my client is feeling more positive when talking to others; he is becoming closer to others and sharing his feelings, which in the past he did not intend to as he was too sensitive to let anyone in. I am extremely proud of him as he is doing the best he can to think of the positive instead of the negative.

Socially, my client is becoming closer to his girlfriend as he proposed to her during the holiday which they both went on. Also, my client is not afraid to eat in cafes as he was in the past, which shows that he’s more confident in what he eats. Physically my client is looking much better. And he has finally quit smoking which shows his strength and how he can succeed in things if he tries his best. He has put on more weight and this is helping him to exercise thoroughly.

Overall I am proud of him and feel that it was good to work with him and help him. He did not doubt me at any point and trusted me all the way. This has helped me to understand n how I can help others. I hope my client carries on following the diet and exercise plan to continue with a good lifestyle in the future. Signature: Nishat Tamannah Future advice Continue following the “diet plan” and the “exercise plan” as follows, then you will definitely see the difference taking place in your heath as well as your body. Brief introduction Below is a table to show the review of the targets – short and long term. It will state how my client has improved and my client will be provided with future advice.

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