Private Hospitals

Germs and bacteria are present everywhere around which cause people to get sick. Since the inception of the world, people have been getting sick. This has increased with the passage of time. In the olden days, people were dependent on the drugs and potions as prescribed by alchemists. Then due to advancement in the field of education, medical sciences emerged. This gave birth to doctors. When this profession started, government supported healthcare eminently and established many government hospitals.

With the increasing population, these hospitals were unable to accommodate the load of patients and this eventually leads to the establishment of private hospitals. Private hospitals: A hospital which is owned by a profit making company or any non-profit organization which requires funding by individuals themselves for the medical and healthcare services is known as a private hospital. This practice of private hospitals is common around the globe especially in technologically and economically countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and United States of America.

Healthcare in America: Healthcare is a very important welfare act that should be provided to all the citizens of the country. Being an exceptionally large country with a strong economy, America takes care of its citizens by providing them medical and health facilities. In United States, the amount spent on medical aids on a per capita base is more than the amount of any other country. Health care in the America is a product of many legal entities.

In the united Sates, the spending on health facilities is by far the higher amongst all the countries which are members of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Due to the advancement in technology and innovation in different fields, America has emerged as a great pioneer in producing new pharmaceuticals. New and efficient medical devices and other affiliated products are the end results of America’s advancement in the field of medicine. This is due to the fact that people spend a lot when it comes to medical.

In 200, a survey was conducted by the World Health Organization, an agency of the United Nations which ranked United States as a nation whose costs are high, is most active when it comes to giving a response to the patients and related people. The country got a 37th rank in the overall performance in the medical industry of the world. (Two Myths about the U. S Health Care System, n. d). However the ranking has changed and according to the 2008 survey report, America is the last when in its efficient performance and effective responsiveness in comparison with nineteen other countries.

(Health Systems Resources, n. d) Private hospitals in America: Private hospitals are there in every state of America. Because of the advancement and innovation in every business, the private hospitals too have started adding features to their hospitals so that they can attract more and more customers and serve the Americans according to their whims and fancies. This started when hospitals had pretty rooms set up for women who were in labor. Other patients who recuperated in the same hospital may not necessarily be in labor to enjoy the features and advantages which ladies get there.

Also, when they used to hear stories of people being treated in a royal manner in European hospitals, these patients were shocked. This is why hospitals started recognizing the needs and tastes of people. Earlier, the facilities were kept hidden for people who were could not afford it. But later the administration and management of these hospitals realized that there exists a large customer base which is willing to pay the same for all these luxuries.

And this is the reason why now a patient after having surgeries and undergoing extensive medical procedures can now enjoy the soft =, comfortable high quality beds, gourmet food, television and access to internet facilities along with smiling nurses and other member or of the staff who are more than pleased to cater to the patients demands. This accounts for a broad based account of taking care of patient. In short, the hospitals in America are getting customer oriented. Some of the top luxury hospitals in America are:

Safety net hospitals are the non organizations that are both public and private that have taken the initiative to assist in the provision of the health services to the citizens in the county. Over the years, the organizations have experienced …

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Located in Boston, the hospital is highly in demand by the people of America as it provides desirable luxuries which are fancied by patients. The hospital draws patients from different communities like arts, education and business. Cidars Sinai, Los Angeles: …

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