Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston

Located in Boston, the hospital is highly in demand by the people of America as it provides desirable luxuries which are fancied by patients. The hospital draws patients from different communities like arts, education and business. Cidars Sinai, Los Angeles: It is a major hospital which attracts patients form the Hollywood (the film industry of America) and therefore, it provides extravagant and lavish medical services to the patients. Cleveland Clinic, Cleave Land: The hospital is known for amazing chef and gourmet food. Different menus and cuisines are cooked for the patients. Jewish hospital: Louisville, KY:

This hospital provides a magnificent view to the Ohio River along with other facilities or more specifically luxuries. Johns Hopkins Hospital- Baltimore: It has an experienced staff of nurses and fine attendants who look after the patients in an efficient way. Massachusetts General Boston: This is the highest financed/ funded research hospital in the world and provides a plethora of services to all people who come in for treatment. The Methodist Hospital- Houston: With the provision of queen sized beds and other facilities, it is one of the finest hospitals of the states providing CD and DVD facilities to its patients.

Mount Sinai Medical Centre- New York: It is the highest rated hospital in America. The main motto on which the hospital thrives is “Never say no to patients”. St. Luke’s Episcopal- Houston: The hospital is known for its highly rated and superior cardiac program. Washington hospital centre, Washington: The hospital has the largest heart treatment centers of the world and is famous for providing exceptionally luxurious services to all the patients who recuperate there. Medical Insurance programs: One of the social insurance programs that America has is known as the Medicare. It has been administered by the government of States.

It seeks to provide health insurance and coverage to people who are 65 or above years of age. (Other criterion is also considered). Former president of the Sates, Harry Truman was appointed as the first beneficiary of this program(Brown,2008). Private hospitals or public: which is better? According to many polls taken by the public and many interviews with the people in the medicine industry, a conclusion was derived that there private hospitals are much better than the public ones when it comes to the programs and treatments being offered by the private or public hospitals.

There is a line of demarcation however which exists between the two sectors. Reasons: In the public hospitals the people who do not have health insurance or have low health insurance can get treatments at very low costs. But whenever there is advancement in the any medical program, it always comes late in these public hospitals, also public hospitals do not provide a standard hygienic environment to the patients which make the patients more vulnerable to the germs and bacteria.

Private hospitals charge high rates from its patients but also promise and deliver high- quality, superior, hygienic services to its customers/ patients. These hospitals are technologically advanced and the programs of treatment are also in alignment with the recent and latest development in the relative fields. These hospitals also provide services like good and comfortable beds. The nurses are also registered and experienced. These nurses also undergo training programs so as to cater to the needs of the doctors and the patients in an effective manner.

Private hospitals, unlike the public hospitals do not discriminate and therefore, black Americans can also go there for treatments without the fear of being biased on the basis of their skin colors. Healthcare under Obama’s Administration: The newly elected president of United States has introduced new health reforms which are not in the best interests of the citizens of America. He is also putting extreme pressure on the parties to come up with healthcare legislations by this year’s August. According t the new president, everyone in the social security program (the Medicare) will undergo a counseling session after every 5 years.

They will then be asked to choose ways to end their sufferings of they are facing any diseases(PWC,n. d). Health care will be denied to all those people who are aged. This is all being done so that the spending of the government on healthcare can be cut by large amounts to save the money or more likely to spend on fighting the war against terrorism. The healthcare expenditures for the sickest and oldest people will be the first target. In short, any old person who wants to pay for the bills himself would not be allowed to do so.

This will affect the private hospitals sector enormously as they make millions of dollars by extending lives of people by putting them on life support systems. They will also suffer in a way that old and weak people will be discouraged to visit the doctors because of the fear that they might be advised to end their lives in a quick manner so as to mitigate their suffering. But on the other hand, it will also increase the number of young people who will be going to the hospitals regularly for medical checkups so as to avoid disorders in the old age. Conclusion:

Health care in United States is an important facility which is provided by the government to the people. The government should spend some money on the government/ public hospitals for those who cannot afford to get treatments in private hospitals. The above discussion is evident of the fact that private hospitals in America are very much in demand as most of the population is medically insured. Many hospitals have also exploited the niche markets in which the people want luxurious patients for themselves while their stay for recuperation at the hospital.

There is a certain dilemma about the future of these hospitals because of the new bill/ reform which was recently passed by the President Obama. References: Brown, D. ( 2008). The Less the Education, the Higher the Risk of Dying Early. Retrieved on 30th July 2009 from http://www. washingtonpost. com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/13/AR2008051302599. html Health Systems Resources, n. d, World Health Statistics 2008: Global Health Indicators. World Health Organization. Retrieved on 30th July, 2009 from http://www. who. int/entity/whosis/whostat/4. xls. PWC.

(n. d. ) Healthcare policy in an Obama administration: Delivering on the promise of universal coverage. Retrieved on 30th July 2009 from http://www. pwc. com/us/en/healthcare/publications/healthcare-policy-in-an-obama-administration. jhtml Santlemann, N. (n. d. ) America’s 10 Best Luxury Hospitals. Retrieved on 30th July 2009 from http://www. forbes. com/2003/07/08/cx_ns_0708healthintro. html Two Myths about the U. S Health Care System. (2005). Montreal Economic Institute. Retrieved on 30th July 2009 from http://www. iedm. org/uploaded/pdf/juin05_en. pdf.

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