Positive and Negative Influences on Individuals at Different Life Stages

I am writing a booklet to raise the awareness of the positive and negative influence of socialisation. Socialisation is learning the values and behaviours of a normal group it consist of two key factors, primary socialisation and secondary socialisation these are as follows primary socialisation happens in a child’s first few years and takes place in the home and family. It teaches the child family and cultural values, beliefs and behaviours.

For example to value members of the family, believe in family religion; be polite, well mannered and according to role-models. Secondary socialisation is when the child is about five- six and has just started school where they can make new friends and they have many different influences. Socialisation: The positives effects of primary socialisation are, when you grow up around your mother and father you learn how to talk, maybe different languages, to walk, ways of interacting, you may learn manners and more about your surroundings.

The negative effects of primary socialisation are, when a child is growing up, they tend to pick up on things their parents do easily and like to copy for example when a child/toddler sees their parent ironing they may get out a mini iron and copy their parents. This means that a child can pick up on the bad habits from their parents, maybe swearing or aggression towards other people. This is the negative part of primary socialisation.

The positive effects of secondary socialisation are, child at this sort of age, start learning the appropriate way of approaching other adults or children their age, they learn more about manners and other ways to show respect than what they learned when they were at home. Also a child at this age becomes more articulate and understand the difference between right and wrong also when it is time to listen and learn and the time to play.

The negative effects of secondary socialisation are, once a child has his/her group of friends and are comfortable in school, they may start to feel peer pressure from their friends to do things they may not want to do, also if a child is less fortunate and don’t have the same luxuries as others, other children pick up on this and could start making nasty comments towards him/her causing stress and low self esteem. Most children in school suffer some sort of bulling which could affect a child’s learning and concentration.

Income means the money you earn from a job or benefits. Expenditure means the money you spend on things like, rent, bills, food, clothes, holidays. (etc) High income can have a positive effect on a child because it means him/her can have the best of everything, meaning good health, the best sort of food, well dressed. It can also mean a child can get (expensive) tutors and better education, which means that they will have a good impression when they are older and want to get jobs.

But it can also mean a child won’t learn the value of money and could end up being spoilt, which is not a nice trait. Housing and Environment. Environment is the surroundings a person lives in, including housing. Poor housing can effect a young child because it could be over crowded which could lead to poor housing keeping and this could affect a small child’s health as they are more prone to viruses because there immune system is not strong as it could be. Later in life this could mean a child could think of this as a ‘norm’ and end up living that way themselves.

Poor housing could also affect older people because it can also affect them as they could maybe have illnesses as their immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be. Bad housing could even cause illness’ to become more serious to an older person. On the other hand good housing can affect a small child in a good way because it means the child is warm, well fed, healthy, and safe. Also good housing could mean living in a good area which also has a positive effect.

Good housing can have a positive effect on an older person because it will also mean they are warm and safe and a good community will make them feel safer and secure too. Family The type of family you are born into has a massive impact on a child and maybe even effect the type of family they are in later in life, adulthood. A negative effect could be if you are born into a single parent family you could grow up only learning one perspective which could affect you later in life or maybe set boundaries in your way when it comes to making your own family.

Also if your parents only believe in one sort of family for example a ‘nuclear family’ you could grow up not learning about the other different types of family which could lead to confusion when you come face to face with a completely different type of family. You could end up thinking its wrong and maybe look down on them which will make people dislike you in your later life. A positive effect could be that if you have extended family you will learn about how you grandparents and great grandparents were brought up which will extend your knowledge and understanding into the different types of family.

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