Influences On Self Concepts And Care Needs At Different Life Stages

Mrs Linda Green was born in 1962. Her upbringing was different from her friends as she never really spent any time with her family like other people did. Her family never had much money just enough for basic living, food and bills. Her family never went on holidays or further than the shops. Her mother and father lived on a farm and spent most of their time outside with animals. She never socialised with people from school, and this made her shy to people she met.

She started to suffer with health problems which doctors put down to her growing so fast, so through her teenage years at school she found it difficult to interact in sports and other physical activities. Her teenage years were spent at her grandmother’s home as she lost her parents before she was thirteen. Linda Green was bullied by the time she reached high school as her body develop slower than others. She sat inside her bedroom reading books until she met her teenage lover, whom she married. Mrs Linda Green never got any qualifications at school so worked in the local fish and chip shop. Mrs Linda Green is now 29 year old lady who lived with her husband of 10 years.

She met her husband in high school at 14 years old and has been with him ever since. They married when Linda was 19 years old, and a year later her grandmother died. She and her husband have their own home which they bought together in a nice, quite neighbourhood. Mr Green gave up his business as a kitchen fitter to care for his wife for the last 5 years, after they found out she had multiple sclerosis. She recently lost her husband, who died after he had a crash on the motorway. Linda gave up her job working in the local chip shop, although she had been off sick for the past 12 months while she was in pain and waiting for tests to be done. She had put on weight which made walking nearly impossible, her heart and lungs were damaged by the weight gain.

Linda carried on for a year or so on her own as she still wanted independence and did not want the hassle of somebody she did not know caring for her. After another year, Linda was unable to care for herself in the house, and had to sell it as she could no longer afford the house or physically manage the maintenance of it. Linda was struggling financially and physically due to her not having anybody to care for her or any money coming in. She moved into a flat onto a council estate near a few friends, but these friends would only visit once a month or so if they had time after working and looking after their families.

Linda cannot reach some of the work surfaces in the flat as they are high up, which means cleaning does not get done in places she cannot reach. The flat she lives in has become dusty and dirty in most places since she has been in a wheelchair. Linda very rarely eats a proper meal as cooking is nearly impossible as she gets tired easily and household items can often be too heavy for her to lift. She does not go out very often, and if and when she does it is only to the shop and back as she has nowhere to go. Linda is finding it more difficult as time goes by as her condition is worsening and friends seems to visit less frequent.

As the weeks go by Linda is feeling more depressed and anxious about what is going to happen in the future, especially now the winter months are coming and she knows her condition feels worse sometimes in winter. With nobody around to help her, Linda does not know were to turn or who to turn to. She worries that if she has an accident who will be there for her. Mrs Linda Green had problems growing up as a child, socialisation, family, income, education, and emotional health and well-being.

How Factors Influence Self-Concept

Mrs Linda Green had many problems growing up as a child. Her family never let her socialise with other people, and in her family she never socialised with her parents or relatives. Socialising is very important in early childhood especially with family and close relatives, as this helps children later in life. This helps them develop their skills to talk to others and not to make assumptions about people just by looking at them. Kids development (Accessed 08/05/09).

Family life was different from others, her family never bothered with other family members. Just a few people actually can on the farm and spoke to the family, they traded produce and animals. It is important to bond with family and relatives as can make friendship with others easier, a friendly atmosphere with workers and confidence in yourself when talking to other people. Asbridge et al 2008. Being brought up in a family with no income is hard to deal with as a child growing up, as they have no understanding until they reach adolescence stage. As she grew in a family with income this made it hard to buy things she wanted. As she was raised in a family with no money this made it harder for her to get a higher education. This usually continues through the generations of the family.

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