Positive And Negative Influences On Development

In our lives we come across expected and unexpected events. Some benefit our lives others get in the way and can cause our lives upside down. Getting married is expected and although it is a happy and exciting time it can have positive and negative affects on our lives. Marriage changes people in different ways. Physical influences that can affect them are, some people will put on weight as they settle down with a loved one. They may start a family with can affect a persons weight gain or even do activities allowing them to lose some excess weight.

There intellectual skills will change to, they may take a class together to learn new skills. Sometimes one or the other may become a housewife or househusband and put a stop on education while they look after the family. Emotionally they may feel not see other members of their family quite so much or may worry about leaving their parents, this can cause an emotional upset for the individual especially if this is their first time of being away from their loved ones. Their social life may change dramatically they may gain new friends and therefore have a much bigger social life.

They may have to sacrifice friends for their loved one and their social life may be less than before. The birth of a sibling can come unexpected especially if a child is not aware of what they are actually going to see. Intellectually a child may learn new jobs and help their parents do jobs for their new sibling. It can also affect them emotionally they may feel pleased and excited they have a new brother or sister, or they may feel threatened, jealous or as if they have been replaced by their sibling. Growing up with a sibling may help development in socialising especially if the child is the opposite sex to them.

It will show them how they can develop a relationship and a bond with others. Bereavement affects everyone in different ways. People suffer emotionally when someone dies they can become depressed, anxious, guilty, sad and angry. They may need some kind of support to help them deal with the grief they are suffering. It can affect them intellectually depending on their lifestyle, if they work they may not be able to concentrate on their job and if they are taking exams or tests they may lose their concentration.

Their social can suffer with bereavement as they may not want to socialise with others as they want to deal with the grief their own way. They might get more support and be able to socialise more especially if they were caring for someone who was ill, they may have their social life back. Socio – Economic Factors. Everyone lives their lives differently and the ways people are raised vary too. People have different affects to the way they react to events happening in their lives whether these are positive or negative.

People grow and develop differently to others and the income and development can affect them. Children aged 0-3 years have no income problems although it can affect their diets and housing can affect their health. Intellectually they may not advance as well as others their age who, live in a large house with no income problems. Children aged 4 -10 years old often do not worry about income problems as they do not understand about were the money comes from. Children may suffer with the social skills and development as they may not be able to, have friends around or afford to go on trips.

As we get older we start to understand about money and how it can affect our lives. Adolescents should begin to understand that the family income is to help pay all the general utilities, feed and give appropriate clothing to the family as well as pay for housing. This can cause problems for the poorer families as they may be bullied for not having the right clothes, or if their family does not live in a big house this can influence their development as they may not get the right education they need.

When adults move into their own home they understand how income and housing affects their lives, this could benefit them if they come from a well respected family, as their parents may buy or help them with money while putting them through education. Others may not have the education they need to go into further education and may have to take a low paid job when leaving school, the chain sometimes follows in the generations of the family.

Children 0 -3years old will learn and develop skills from family and friends including physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Mixing with a large amount of family and friends will help their confidence as they grow older. As they get older 4 – 10 years they start to develop their own point of view towards others, sometimes they can judge others to quickly, this can have negative influences in life as they may lose some self esteem and self confidence. Adults still grow and develop off others especially friends and family.

Socialising with them helps develop skills positive and negative and may help with effective careers. Some people may not have many friends and socialising can be hard for the making it hard when they do meet new people. Every person has their own expectations in life and development and growth can affect the way a person lives their life. Growing in the right environment with friends and family may be right for some people; others may find that friends stop them achieving their goals in life.


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Positive And Negative Influences On Development.

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