Physician assistant Program

First, I would like to extend my gratitude to those who came up with this wonderful program. I recognize of the great contribution presented by this program to the medical professionals especially those who have the intention of becoming Physician Assistants. Secondly, I take this opportunity to ask for your consideration in giving me an opportunity over my intent to pursue this program. The major reason why I am seeking training as a physician assistant is to gain qualifications of providing primary medical services after completion of the program.

I also want to receive accreditation by the Accreditation Review Committee on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). The PA program will enable me to further my educational background and be conversant with diverse health care needs of the State. In addition, it has been my long time intention and dream to hold a Master’s of Science in Physicians Assistant Studies (MSPAS) upon completion of the program.

I recognize of the comprehensive responsibility that will be bestowed on me after being accredited in providing physical examinations, examining and treating diseases, interpreting results, give counseling on preventive healthcare, provide assistance in surgeries and give prescriptions. The program will foster my relationship with the physician. The training will give me a certain degree of autonomy when making medical decisions and in the provision of therapeutic and diagnostic services.

I being a life-long learner in the medical profession who is seeking to advance my career, the program shall enable me to have the capacity to provide preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic health care services with the assistance of the physician. I will then serve the areas which are medically underserved like the inner city and the rural areas. The program will prepare me in purposely focusing on evidenced based medicine and primary health care and take advantage of the modern medical facilities and information technology.

The exposure and high level of preparedness that will be offered by this program will give me the ability to perform different physical examinations depending on the state of the patient. As a person, I do possess leadership skills, emotional stability and self-confidence which I believe are very necessary in helping me to cope with the challenges of this kind of health care and medical profession. I come from a region which is underserved with medical practitioners and this is a program which can help to solve this problem.

This program has the potential of helping me to appreciate the special needs and unique health care challenges as I polish up my skills to provide quality services of the highest standards in the future. In addition, the training will help me understand how to tackle the socioeconomic factors which affect the healthcare needs of the society. Since I have received a bachelor’s degree and undergone at least two years hands-on experience, I believe I have the right qualifications for this program.

My further progress in medical profession will make me more conversant with the procedures carried out by my supervisors such as the senior physician. For example, the training program will enable me to be in a position to treat injuries by splinting, suturing, and casting as well as write progress notes and treatment plans. My appreciation goes to you all even as I look forward to a positive response from you.

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