Physical training the areas of my fitness

The purpose/aim of this programme is to see if I can make a detectable difference in my fitness over 6 sessions of physical training the areas of my fitness I will be testing are, agility, speed and stamina Personal fitness profile Currently the activities that I do in a week are: .I do not attend any sports clubs play more sports in school than I do outside school. .I do weights 3-4 times a week. .currently I do not have any injury problems so I am at my highest level of fitness.

I do eat healthier food and do obtain a healthy dieton the weekend I go for a run. Due to the lifestyle I live I would have to say my levels of fitness are average Any medical problems At the minute I do not have any illnesses or any other sort of medical problems, during this training program I would like to improve my strength agility and speed so I can improve in football and various other sports

During this programme I wish to improve in the following ways By doing this programme I would like to raise my fitness level about 15-20% and throughout all of the sessions I will be setting myself personal targets that I would like to achieve these targets will be to complete every session at the highest intensity I can do and also take part in all sessions Awareness of safety aspects The key safety aspects.

I am going to have to consider are: warm up cool down, apparatus and weather during the programme I will have to make sure I have took these safety aspects into consideration and deal with the sort of problems that can affect the session e.g. the weather is a key factor because if we are doing a fartlek training session outside and either it is raining or to cold that can drop the participants motivation and they will not perform to their full ability so to remedy this problem you could take the group indoors and adjust the session to the different environment but make sure it is as close as possible to the original session plan.

At the beginning of my session I will begin a warm-up that will stretch all of the muscles and especially the muscles that will be doing a lot of work in the specific session, at the end of the session I will start a cool-down this will decrease the chance of someone picking up an injury or getting cramp at the end of the session, the reason for doing the warm up at the start of the session is to warm the body up and get blood to flow around the muscles making them looser than they where before they where stretched, by doing this when.

I am in my session my body will be warm and I will have a constant flow of oxygen to my muscles this is a good thing because then my body if going to be more resilient to injury than if my body was cold and my muscles where tight and unready for strenuous exercise, the cool down at the end of the session is so that I can stop the build of lactic acid in muscles and also to bring my heart rate back to its resting rate steadily taking these precautions should decrease the chance of me getting muscle pain the next morning or possibly an injury.

Another safety precaution that I am going to have to take is to check my apparatus to prevent any ort of unfortunate accidents happening, floors are a key part of safety if they are wet the must be dried and must be kept dry because some people may not notice this patch of wet floor and fall this could lead to a number of very serious injuries such as broken bones this being one of the more serious injuries

The length of this session in total will be about 50 mins this including the 10 min warm up and the 10 min cool down, the purpose of the warm up is to increase my heart beat and get some oxygenated blood to the muscles this will decrease the chance of muscle strain. The purpose of the cool down is to prevent the build up of lactic acid in the muscles and to remove oxygenated blood from the muscles this will decrease the chance of soreness in the muscles.

The training intensity I will be working at will be 60% this is because it is a steady rate and it will help me get through this long tedious course We will go round a track that has been set up for us, we will zigzag through cones layed out , we will be using 4 different disciplines walk, run, jog and sprint, the track is 500 meters long and we will do 5 laps of this in total we will have covered 2500m by the end of the session This session will be circuit training, the session well be about 50 mins long this will include a 10 min warm up and a 10 min cool down the reasons for this are the same as for session The training intensity I will be working at will be 60% again this will be a steady pace so that we do not ware ourselves out and do not suffer any fatigue

This session will be made up of 15 stations with different activities testing different muscle groups, as we go through we will be alternating muscle groups so we will have time for our muscles o recover we after each lap we will have a 1 min rest so we can rejuvenate energy Session 3. This session will be plyometrics the length of this session will be about 50 mins this will also include a warm up and call down these both will take up bout 20 mins altogether The training intensity for this session will be 85% this is because this session will evolve a lot of explosive leaping and bounding movements that will take up a lot of energy.

In this session we will have to put markers and small hurdles down also we will use horses and pitch markings for other exercises, we will have a choice of what sort of difficulty we will be working at this will be done by giving a choice of number of laps and a choice of activities . This will be the second fartlek session the length of this session will be slightly longer than the first because some people may go for the higher amount of laps than they done in the first session so this will take up more time so this session will probably last 60 mins The intensity for this session should still be at 60% otherwise you will run out of energy to complete your goal We will be doing the same in this session as we will in the other but this time we will have the choice of laps 3, 5 or 7.

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