Physical pain

It has been mentioned earlier that the focus of this study s the portrayal or presentation of the experiences that the women who have undergone caesarian section during the postnatal period. Gathering the idea from the said fact, it could be noted that this study aims to search for ways by which the experiences of mothers who have had the said operational birthing be presented to readers. Hence, by doing so, the author of this research aims to completely equip the mothers who are under their prenatal stage of pregnancy to decide on whether to take a caesarian section or vaginal birth in giving forth to their babies.

Aside form this, on the part of the mothers who have already undergone the said CS operation, this study aims to equip them with the necessary knowledge on how to survive the postnatal pain that they may be experiencing. It also aims to present the assistance that several organizations provide for mothers who are experiencing postnatal pains due to CS deliveries. On the part of the practicing nurses, this study aims to equip them with the skills they need to support the needs of their patients who have recently undergone the caesarian section.

It is very important that nurses have the ability to understand what their patients feel and be able to help them recover from whatever pain they may be feeling while they are within the territories of the hospital. Some nurses are hired to serve as private caregivers for some mothers who have had deep emotional and physical pain that is felt after the caesarian section operation. Considering this matter, it is then essential that the nurses are knowledgeable of the needs and the situation that their supposed patients are experiencing.

Medical experts believe that because of the caesarian operation, postnatal mood disorders are heightened. This is mainly caused by the fact that the depression due to hormonal changes is then added with the pain that is felt by the mother. Hence, this study is to be patterned in a way that the said claim be proved, thus encouraging the medical caregivers to take concern on the situation of the patients after a caesarian section birthing process.

Through this study, the applied processes of several medical institutions are to be studied, thus helping the readers understand the and relate to the experiences of the mothers while having a broader view of what the medical institutions have done to answer the problems brought about by CS birthing to the mothers. More than just the focus on the physical and emotional problems on caesarian section birthing experiences, there are also some certain theories that pertain to the great of effects of psychological therapies that could be performed for the sake of mothers who are both affected by their emotional depression and physical pain.

At times, mothers, who decide to take CS as a process of birthing overlook the possibilities of experiencing these problems after the actual operation, thus, later on, they are faced with the troubles of dealing with their own emotional and physical issues, whereas the babies are the ones receiving the shock of the situation. Through the overview of the project that is presented earlier, it could be noted that the main idea of the whole study would be on the experiences of the mothers on postnatal CS deliveries and the reaction of the nurses to the situation.

Since the author of this study have already seen and encountered mothers who have undergone CS deliveries, it could be expected that the gathering of information would be a lot accurate and practical since the research would revolve on actual experience occurrences. Hence, basing from the research purposes and proposed manner of discussion, it could be observed that the direction of the research would mainly pertain to the possibility of making the nurses understand the situation of patients who have undergone CS birth deliveries and thus providing them with their needed skills to answer to their patients’ demands.

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