Caesarean Section in the Postnatal Period

Giving birth to newborn infants is often a fascinating experience for mothers. On the contrary, because of the existence of several complications during the prenatal processes, the application of caesarean section deliveries have been introduced to the medical world of delivering newborn babies. However, caesarean section deliveries are serious matters that should be considered by the mother and the relatives of the pregnant woman. This is mainly because of the effects of the said delivery method to the mother during the postnatal periods. How should mothers deal with this experience?

In addition, how should nurses attend to patients under these situational experiences? These questions and other facts shall be discussed within the research that follows. Being able to be a part of the wondrous miracle of giving birth is such an inviting experience for a beginner in the Nursing profession. However, because of some circumstances that occur during the prenatal and the nine-month delivery of babies, the possibility of normal delivery is at times subjects either the baby of the mother in danger. Hence, the medical experts have made the introduction of the caesarian section birth process official.

The said process of giving birth though is not as easy as that of the normal or vaginal deliveries. Because of the fact that there are complicated ways of bringing out the baby from the womb of the mother through the mother’s tummy, the mother is then to be subjected to much pain especially during the postnatal period. Hence, because of the impending pain, deciding to take the caesarian sectioning in giving birth is a serious matter. As for the author of this paper, it has always been a question on her part how mothers who undergo the said process of giving birth survive the pain.

Along with this, it has also been a subject of interest on the part of the author on how she is supposed to support the mothers who have recently decided to do a caesarian section delivery. Through this research, the author aims to perform an in depth and comprehensive study of the survival experiences of mothers related to their decisions of accepting Caesarian section as a way of delivering their babies. Because of the fact that the pain is at times unnerving especially during the first days after the operation, the researcher too aims to seek some solutions that do involve the family as well as the relatives in the survival process.

Along with all the goals of the author for this study, it could be noted that the pattern that the research follows is more based on an experiential and opinionated search of the answers to the queries mentioned above. The existence of this process for the author shall determine the methodology that shall be used throughout the study process. Through the said methodology, the author then aims to enrich her personal knowledge of the situation, thus seeking a way to equip nurses with the skill that they need to have in meeting the needs of their patients who undergo the said birthing operation.

True, giving birth is a gift to women that nobody else could ever do. On the contrary, along with the joy that is brought about by women’s ability to give forth to life, they are also subjected to the dangers of pain and worse, death. This is the reason why the developing tie up of technology and medicine has made it possible for caesarian sections to be applied, especially with circumstances that really demand the said operation.

Because of the said process, the birthing problems during the past decades are now given an answer, mainly supporting the different problems that are caused by prenatal and the nine-month delivery procedures. Within the chapter that follows, a discussion on how the problem of the giving birth through caesarian Section on the part of the author’s point of views shall be introduced. The questions that shall be presented shall then be the basis and the guideline of the researcher for the completion of this certain study.

It has been mentioned earlier that the focus of this study s the portrayal or presentation of the experiences that the women who have undergone caesarian section during the postnatal period. Gathering the idea from the said fact, it could …

Least known to many, caesarian process of operation has been already applied in baby deliveries before. It has been noted that the Julius Caesar or at least one of his predecessors was delivered through Caesarian Section birthing process. As it …

Caesarian section, or cesarean section, is defined as delivery of the fetus through incisions in the abdominal wall and the uterine wall (hsyerotomy). This definition does not include removal of the fetus from the abdominal cavity in case of rupture …

As said earlier, the methodology that would be used to gather up the needed information for this study aside from the researches that are based form literatures published by medical agencies and other women and social magazines, the survey results …

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