Muscles of the woman giving birth

As said earlier, the methodology that would be used to gather up the needed information for this study aside from the researches that are based form literatures published by medical agencies and other women and social magazines, the survey results shall determine the truth of the literatures’ claims on the issue. The said survey shall be designed to be performed online. The electronic surveys shall be given out to mothers who are already working, the time that they have had the CS deliveries are then expected to have lasted for already several months now.

Hence, the questions shall be more focused on the experiences that they had after the operation during the postnatal period. From the information that would be gathered from the said survey, the author would be able to derive facts that would support the claims of the reports and the literatures that have been cited in the third chapter. Aside from this, the services of the hospitals that hosted their baby deliveries shall also be considered and examined through the said survey.

This is to be done, to be able to identify how much medical institutions tried to face the issues of providing mothers of CS deliveries the treatment that they need for their situation. On the actual interview, the author is going to ask patients that are within the premises of the hospital. The mothers to be asked are those who are still to undergo the CS delivery. They are to be asked on why they have decided to undergo the said operation and how much do they know about the possible outcome of the said delivery process.

Through the said interview, the author would be able to gather the needed information in support to the need of the research to identify the reasons behind the increasing number of pregnant women who wanted to deliver their babies through CS process compared to those who chose normal deliveries. To be able to gather the informations together, averaging the results from the survey and the interviews shall be done. Through averaging, the results would become more acceptable and more understandable for the readers.

Through the use of tables and diagrams that pertain to the importance of hood decision in taking CS as a method of delivering a baby in a personal view, this study would become more applicable and usable for knowledgeable research by other readers. The clear presentation of the informations in the tables and the diagrams shall be easier to understand, especially for those readers who have lesser exposure on the terminologies of medicine that are used within the context of the study.

Aside from the said benefit, the readers would also have a better overview of the new innovation in CS delivery that has been introduced through medical technology. As another report mentions: “A new method of cesarean section could result in faster and more gentle deliveries,” reports the German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine. “Using the Misgav-Ladach method, the surgeon manually stretches fat tissue, the abdominal wall, and muscles of the woman giving birth, instead of cutting them with the scalpel as hitherto.

” Since cutting is limited to a minimum, bleeding is less serious, and only three layers of skin and tissue have to be stitched afterward, compared with seven using the common method. Further, the method is less time-consuming, it has a lower risk of infection, fewer pain-relieving drugs are needed, and the women can leave the hospital after three to five days. The method is named after the hospital in Israel that was first to test it.

” (Awake! 1999, 20) These informations and more, shall be analyzed within the study to identify the importance of this research to current psychological and medical developments that concern caesarean section deliveries. Caesarean births are already at high numbers. Because of the fact that many women today are choosing the supposed “better way” of delivering a baby, the knowledge about the new innovated process should be examined well.

In this study, as presented in the chapters that precede this section, the need for knowing the emotional and the physical experiences of those mothers who have had CS deliveries is necessary for the sake of those who are still deciding on what process of giving birth should be taken. Through the use of the research materials and methodologies that are suggested in this study, the author of the research expects that the needed informations shall be collected and thus be of greater help to the readers who opt to gain knowledge regarding the discussion being targeted in this specific research work.


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