Personal Exercise Programme

I am 15 years old; I was born on the 14th November 1986. I am 5 ft 6 inches tall and I weigh 8 and a half stones. I am normal weight for a 15 year old and I am normal height for a 15 year old as well. I live in Leytonstone, which is in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. I like playing basketball; I can play basketball in Leytonstone because there are some playground basketball courts there. I also enjoy playing cricket, I can play cricket in the local park as well as playing football, which I also enjoy. I also enjoy riding my bike so I can do that by either going round the block or in the streets or in a park, which is a hilly and straight park.

Harvinder Chana page 2. My reasons for taking part in exercise are:1. Enhance my body- build my muscles.  2. Relieve stress and tension from schoolwork. 3. Build up self-esteem. 4. Lose weight. 5. Enjoy myself. 6. For the mental and physical challenges. To set a goal for myself and accomplish that goal. 7. Make friends. 8. Get involved in teamwork. Each of these is very important to me. My main reason for taking part in PE is to enhance my body and lose weight and develop my muscles. Having a good time and enjoying my self are the next important things because if I didn’t enjoy myself then I would not work as hard as I could.

All sports require having fun. Getting rid of stress and tension from school and home is the next important thing for me; I like to be relaxed when I am working so the PE will help me. Teamwork is something that most sports require. Every sport that I have done requires me to be involved in teamwork. Badminton is the only sport that I have played that doesn’t require as much teamwork as the other sports apart from when it is doubles.

Harvinder Singh Chana Page 3 My aims for this Personal Exercise Programme are mainly to improve my cardiovascular fitness. The types of training that I would do to improve my cardiovascular fitness would be continuous training. Another type of training that I could do is Fartlek training. The advantages of continuous training are that it is aerobic training. It is exercise sessions that have no rest intervals. You can work either by yourself or in a group. It improves your cardiovascular fitness. It is easy to organise there is no special equipment is needed.

The advantages of Fartlek training are that it is over a mixture of different types of terrain. It is aerobic exercise as well. It improves your cardiovascular fitness. Apart from improving my cardiovascular fitness, I am trying to enhance my body by building my muscles. I would use weight training. I would start out using lightweights and gradually go onto heavier weights. This would improve my muscular endurance and my muscular strength. Principles Of Training Systematic- I want to work on my cardiovascular fitness so I will be doing activities that will help me improve it. I would not have a swimming programme if I want to improve my cardiovascular fitness.

Specificity- The certain aspect of training that I will be focusing on will have to be emphasised in my programme. Overload- I will need to work high in the target zone. I will have to work with a lot of intensity if I want to improve. Frequency- This is the number of times per week you need to train in order to improve your fitness. I am going to training 2 sessions a week for the first two weeks and gradually progress. Intensity- This is how hard I am going to have to train if I want to improve.

Harvinder Chana Page 4 Time- This is how long that each session must be in order to be of any benefit and to achieve improvement. I must train for a minimum of 20 minutes per session. Also the WPR must be in the target zone. Type- This is the type of training that I do. I don’t matter if I do anaerobic or aerobic exercise. It would matter if I only specialised in one type of activity. Reversibility- If I stop training or if I miss training then reversibility will kick in, then I will lose some of my fitness so I will have to work even harder to get my fitness back. Regularity- This is like frequency. This is how many times I train and for how long. Progression- If I have been training for 2 sessions in one week then I am going to be trying to do more then 2 sessions the next week. I will gradually increase how much I do.

Harvinder Chana Page 5 Sessions WPR= 220-15=205 60%-80%= 124-164 Week 1 Session 1 Target/Aim- I want to work on speed work. I want to run a long distance of 800 metres without stopping and getting very tired. I want to improve my speed by doing sprint work. Type of training- I am going to be doing continuous training and interval training. Warm Up- 400 metres jog, stretching- holding each stretch for 20 seconds. 50 metres sprint. Sideways running, backwards running, etc. Main Activity- 50 metres sprints, about 8 seconds per sprint.

50 x 10= 500metres. At the end of each sprint, 10 press-ups or 10 sit-ups and then a brisk walk back to the starting point. 10 sit-ups or press-ups and walk back to the starting point= 30 seconds. 8 x 10= 80 seconds + 8 x 240 seconds= 5 minutes 20 seconds. 2 minutes rest period to get the heart rate down. 800 metres light jog= 5 minutes. Then 2 minutes rest period to get the heart rate down. 10 minutes cross training. Mix continuous training with interval training.

Cool Down- Stretching to disperse the lactic acid. Mixed running for 400 minutes. Evaluation- It was a fairly good session. The weather was nice. Determined to do well and stick to my goals for that session. Harvinder Chana Page 6 Week 1 Session 2 Target/Aim- Run for 20 minutes without stopping. This will improve my cardiovascular fitness. Type Of Training- I will be doing Fartlek Training. Warm Up- Stretching, holding each stretch for 25 seconds. Light jog for 5 minutes to get the blood pumping around the body. Running in different forms- sprints, backwards, sideways, high knee running, etc.

Main Activity- 20 minutes running in the park. Running on different terrain- up the hill, down the hill, on concrete, on grass. Cool Down- Light jog for 5 minutes, stretching to disperse the lactic acid. Each stretch holding for 30 seconds. Running for another 5 minutes. Evaluation- It was a very good session. I was determined to do well in the first week and accomplish the goal that I had set. The weather was OK. My Working Pulse Rate (WPR) was 167.

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