Personal Exercise Programme

As I have said I will be looking to improve my stamina in my exercise programme. Firstly I will need to check what my stamina before I start my six week training. I will do this by doing a stamina test. This test is like a bleep test but not exactly the same. I will set two cones out 15 metres apart, Then See how many shuttle runs I can do in a minute or two minutes. Then I will rest for a minute and do it again. Then find the average. Then after four days training I will see if I can do more shuttle runs between the cones in the same amount of time.

This will also help me with pace as I will be able to run quicker the more training I have done. I will be looking to improve my cardiovascular fitness, this is to do with keeping oxygen supplied to the muscles. When the heart can provide a lot of oxygen to the muscles it means training can last for longer. This is a diagram showing air circulation. Cardiovascular endurance is linked to he heart and the lungs, as you work harder they need more oxygen, so our breathing and heart rate get faster to carry more oxygen around the body.

To improve cardiovascular endurance the heart and lungs need to work hard for fifteen minutes, making sure that the pulse rate is between 60 and 80% of the maximum pulse rate TEST(1) This test will be my orginal time for the test this will be the time that I’m trying to improve on. I will do the experiment stated above where the two cones are set out 15 metres apart. I will then recorded my time and do it a further two times and find an average then I will do different types of work for a six week period to see if I have improved.

This graph shows that I average 28 shuttle runs in a minute before the I have done the training I will be looking to improve this and try get it up to around 40-45, minimum runs a minute. I will do the test every week to see if I have improved and see if there is progression in my work To improve my fitness I will use the FITT Frequency – How often the exercise should be done. Intensity – How hard I should exercise. Time – How long I should exercise for. Type – What exercise should be used.

I will work for 20 minutes three times a week plus football training once a week for an hour, for six weeks. I will work 75% of my maximum heart rate which is 205. DIET AND NUTRTION I will also improve my eating habits if im going to improve my fitness, This is how percentage is needed to make a balanced diet. There is 15% of Proteins that help the body grow and repair themselves, 30% of fat, this provides energy and keep us warm and 54% carbohydrates that provide a lot of energy.

Also small amounts of vitamins and minerals are needed to help ones and skin grow and for many chemical reactions inside of the body. TRAINING Before each training session a warm up should be done in this warm up this warms up the bodies muscles and gets blood pumping around the body the. It also stretches the muscle so that they have a larger range of movement, so the occurrence of injury is less, it also concentrates the mind on the training. Training must also exciting so that I don’t get bored of doing the same thing therefore I will try a various styles of training.

For the first to weeks I will do continuous training this involve me working at 60-90% of my maximum pulse rate at a constant rate for a period of time like an hour, there are some advantages of this such it will reduce my body fat and it is good anaerobic training and is good for stamina, however there are some drawbacks for example and can be boring and doesn’t improve sprinting. In the first and second week I did continuous training around my local area, I found that it did improve my stamina as I could run for the same amount of time without getting as tired, I did the shuttle run test again to find out if I had improved.

Here are my results. After the first 2 weeksConclusion In conclusion I believe that my exercise plan of eating healthy as well as training hard in different ways to keep training exciting. At the end of my six week training program I managed to just under double the amount of shuttle runs I could do in a minute. I think that the Fartlek training improve my fitness because it was the best method of training for me, this may not suit others. Overall I have improved my overall stamina and my football is getting better because of it I can work harder up and down the wings a lot harder than before .

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